Spot montage 30 sec - animation + stock shots

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    Robert 1 deal
    logo video intro
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for someone who can make a design like the one attached. I would like to have an HD version and the ability to change colors.
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    Animals and their animations
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a person to draw and animate sea animals for a game for children. I need 10 animals and one diver character. Animal graphics in png format, animation in frames in png format. I want the animals to be in a style similar to other graphics in the game. Link to the game: Greetings
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    Escape Master
    I need a periscope view for an escape room puzzle. Ocean depth, full 360 degree horizontal rotation, at some point a depth mine should be visible. The depth mine should be some distance away and visible in 70-90 degrees. Additional animation that will also be needed is the view from the window when the ship is sailing, maybe sometimes passing some sharks or other sea monsters:) (there are 3 windows, so there can be 3 different animations, preferably it would be possible to loop them, they do not have to be long)
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    Invest Group 11 deals
    The assignment is to create a portrait of, for example, Dumbledore, or another character from the world of HP, who will wave his hand, maybe move his mouth, wink, invite. We want to get an effect similar to the one in the video from the link, see from 10sec to 26 knots. The order includes 1 moving portrait.
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    Intro for YT
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need a 5-7 second intro with my company logo on YouTube. I would like the logo to appear on a black background (some cool animation) + some subtitles. Please give me an approximate cost of implementation and send me examples of work done.
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    I would like to commission the creation of a lead for videos that will be published on Instagram / YouTube. 2D or 3D animation, where you need to develop an idea (concept) and then after approval make the target animation. The theme is a headlining for a series of videos on architecture and design, a simple minimalist headlining that can use either monochrome or color graphics only, 2D or 3D and also sample video footage in 4K resolution that I can provide. I expect, in effect, to make the headlamp in short (1-3 seconds for IG purposes) and long (3-10 seconds for YouTube purposes) variants. Option with sound (can be any that fits the concept) is welcome. Mileage prepared for use / modification using DaVinci Resolve, or made ready in 4K format only for pasting into a video editor.
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    Daniel Dąbrowski 3 deals
    Good Morning, I would be happy to commission the creation of a 3D model of a specific building based on images from the National Digital Archive. Link: I am interested in a model with textures that I can use in UE5. More photos of the building are available, I provide one in the ad.
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A large Polish company is looking for a freelancer for a project to create a 30 sec video spot. Working on a ready-made script, individual shots dissected and timed. The spot will consist of the indicated stock shots and 3D/2D animation made by the freelancer. Overall editing. Without sound design (this is on the part of the client).

Please contact only people who can easily make animations close to the level of the following sample spots:

Request that you include a link to your work containing 3D animation in your bids. Experience in creating commercial spots welcome.

After the first successful project possible cooperation for a longer period of time.

Type and length:

Spot montage 30 sec - animation + stock shots