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    Connecting BLIK via STRIPE on WIX.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I have an online store on WIX. Connected to it is STRIPE. Unfortunately, WIX through STRIPE only offers credit card payments. I saw that stripe is one of the billing agents of blik. I wonder if it is possible to connect it somehow? Blik payment just to go through stripe? I will add that I do not want to connect przelewów24.
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    Waldemar Ilski - FURNIVAL
    Recently, more and more of our contractors require us to provide inventory data in the form of xml files and xml files with product information, descriptions, etc. I am completely at a loss as to how to go about this. I am looking for a person or company that is able to grasp this topic for us. Furniture industry - we are a supplier for online stores
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    Capability 2 deals
    Online store in German
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello I need someone to make an online store in German language The store will consist of about 6 categories and will contain a total of about 40 products Deadline max by mid-March please send me offers
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    I have an order to complete a store on Shopify: *cart builder *faq section *product collection. *cookies *improvement of feedback application, linking to google feedback. *Linking with fb platform *Optimization for mobile And checkpoints such as: 1.Effectiveness report in Google Search Console. 2.A working sitemap based on; 3.No 404, apparent 404, 5xx errors; 4.No indexing restrictions in the form of a block in robots.txt44 file or noindex tag for valuable subpages; 5. no messages about problems with the site on mobile devices." 6.Linking the store with platforms, facebook, google products, google analytics etc. 7.Improving the loading speed of the store's pages 8.Checking other errors of the store At a later stage, the possibility of cooperation on the basis of correcting current problems store improvements, fixes, etc. I am not looking for a company but a freelancer who has an idea about programming If the price and conditions will be reasonable - will establish permanent cooperation
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    I have a well configured product import that imports new products and updates inventory according to my supplier's stock. I would like the import to include my inventory as well. I am looking for a person who can connect these two databases so that during the import (Allimport) the store will show both the inventory from the wholesaler and my stock. There are situations when a product will be in quantity 9 in the warehouse and the same in quantity 1 in the warehouse, there are situations when the product will be in quantity 0 in the warehouse and the same in quantity 2 in my warehouse, for example there are situations when the product is no longer in the warehouse at all, and it is in stock. I am looking for a sweeper with All Import or someone who will combine the two databases and the import will take the combined data. Woocommerce store
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    DK REKLAMA 1 deal
    Creation of a website
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, We are looking for a person to make us a simple website. It will consist of 5 sub-pages and there will be product descriptions on it. Please send me offers with a quote for such a site with and without CMS
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    Skju 4 deals
    Hi, I will commission the modification of a widget in an online store. Namely, it is about giving a new menu function. So that the main category is displayed, and only when clicked, the subcategories expand. I expect professionalism and explanation of how to add this modification when updating (if it crashes). Attached is an overview drawing.
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    Warm greetings, assignment: online store similar visually and in terms of layout to: Number of products to start: 30
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    Dominik 6 deals
    Uploading a template to prestashop 1.7
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will upload template from github I will upload FTP access and back office to a clean install of presta
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    1.Countries : Pricing to each, after the sub-counting from 400zl is free, above I would like it to charge universally 89zl BRUTTO in another country. 2.Basket and finalization: a large number of abandoned baskets, for each change on the site, you have to mark the terms and conditions and others. After adding products to the basket, the basket is cut off and you can not edit anything on mobile. I use one page checkout module - shopping on one page. 3. no INPOST on mobile- none. Ps. do not want another platform. Presta 1.6 satisfies me. Please give me concrete suggestions. Thank you AJZU
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Hi, I have created a site on wix. Stripe was hooked up to it, I made test payments. The money is in the Stripe account, but will not go to my account. PL currency, Polish account. Unregistered activity to test the business idea.

Verification is already taking a very long time (more than a month after sending a scan of ID).

Stripe any wait, I did not get a specific answer, which may be the problem, only that verification may take a little longer.

Test payments above the minimum amount to withdraw are. I need someone to verify what the problem is and get the money into my account.

I would also like to hook up other payment options on the wix site - not just card, but also blik/apple pay.

Required functions:

Online payments

Template / individual design:

Online payments