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    Marek Franciszek Boratyński
    I am looking for a professional with at least an intermediate understanding of all the tools mentioned. I'm not looking for an agency I'm looking for someone who has time and willingness to earn 10-20 hours a week - so freelancer. I especially value information retrieval skills, thoughtfulness and detail. I have a bit higher standards (if you want to do typical agency mass-market stuff on clearance. This is not a job for you). If you want to finally have the opportunity to do something (elegantly) from start to finish (and maybe even learn) then write. I'm a traking specialist myself with a long experience so pouring water won't work... ;) Basic understanding of javascript and regex welcome - ability to find ready-made solutions even more. Ability to think independently required, detail required, information retrieval required, punctuality (but reasonable) required. Marek
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    Marek Franciszek Boratyński
    Hey - I have too many orders and I'm looking for someone to help me with regular customers. First of all, I am looking for a thinking person because I have experience in working with people who only thought they were capable of something. I am not looking for an agency - just some analyst with knowledge of gtm, (gtm server side on the plus side), ga, ga3-ga4, fb pixel at least and someone who can think and look for solutions or at least problems on their own. At the moment I'm working with someone who couldn't (as it turned out) even find bugs and that's why our cooperation will end because it's a waste of time. So please accept that the most important skill in my opinion is independence, cleanliness of solutions and the ability to think and attention to detail. If, for example, you work in the agency during the day and want to make 10-20 hours a week, we'll probably get along - but I'll tell you right away (I've worked in several agencies) in my work quality standards are slightly higher than in 99% of agencies - you'll be surprised, but maybe for once in your life someone will let you do something in a hmm "elegant" way instead of forcing the mass. :)
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    VPS server configuration for web hosting
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order full configuration of VPS server for web hosting under WordPress. On the server I want all necessary services to run WordPress + FTP, firewall, free SSL certificate generation, backup module, security and hosting management panel such as vestacp.
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    I need to create a database that can be accessed from a browser/www, eventually it can be excel. The database must be able to be exported to PDF and printed. The database is to include: product symbol, product name, product type, place where the product is ordered, product measurement unit, quantity field for people who order products, current price, current price date (must be automatically substituted when the price is updated), archival price, current price date automatic, quantity ordered archivally, total archival purchase, space for additional notes. Additionally, the database must have the ability to sort, filter, quick search by keyword, etc. Due to the fact that some of the previously mentioned data are downloaded from another system in text form, it would be nice to optimize it in such a way that I download the data I am interested in, paste them, and they are automatically substituted into the database. Ultimately, the database is to be used for price analysis, updating product prices over time and the easy possibility to update them, add new ones, etc.
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    LGPOS 116 deals
    I am looking for a person to design a PCB board. Ultimately the board will be a connector between the following components: 1. Raspberry Pi CM4 2. mPCIE SIM7600e (or similar) 3. connectors (description below) G-Sensor (preferably on I2C bus) 5. Inverter The board must be designed so that it can be placed in RS 195-1525 ( aluminium case. All kinds of fixings, power sockets, HDMI, sim cards etc. must be prepared so that the connectors can be led out of the enclosure. CONNECTORS OUT OF THE PCB: 1. hdmi output 2 Ethernet connector 3 Sim card socket 4th Power supply 9-36V + ACC with tolerance 9-36V Input 6xGPIO (used only as INPUT, galvanically isolated, tolerance 9-36v) Sockets for external GPS and GSM antennas RS-232 connector 8. 8. 2 outputs 12V (1A) 9. 1 output 20V (0,5A) 10. 1x USB 4x Analog input (tolerance 0-36v) 12. 12. power LED (shows if there is voltage behind the converter) DESCRIPTION OF ACC. OPERATION ACC must be designed so that a short circuit to "plus" will start the device immediately, when ACC is disconnected CM4 should take over the power supply in such a way that it is CM4 that will turn off the inverter after a certain amount of time and proper shutdown. The simplest solution would be to use GPIO, but we are open to other suggestions. DESCRIPTION OF THE 12V AND 20V OUTPUTS: Voltage is to appear on the outputs when the device is running. PURPOSE OF THE DEVICE: The device will be a kind of extended GPS locator used mainly in municipal vehicles (garbage trucks), so the whole design must be able to work in summer as well as winter temperatures (from -25 to 45 degrees). BOARD MANUFACTURER: Most likely we will choose JLCPCB, if it is possible please choose components that this manufacturer can solder into the board.
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    Appsi P.S.A. 11 deals
    Security audit
    Proposed by freelancer
    I would like to commission a security audit of the "ecosystem" consisting of mobile applications iOS/Android + web application + API supporting the previously mentioned components. In particular, we want to verify the API (about 60 endpoints), which communicates with the web application and mobile applications. for unauthorized access to data. Mobile applications are made on Flutter framework. API and Web in Laravel 8. If you have any additional questions, please let me know what additional information you will need to prepare an offer. Please provide the proposed scope of audit/testing.
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    Łukasz 1 deal
    I need consultation and implementation on this topic
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    SeniorApp 2 deals
    I'm looking for a freelancer who is an expert in GTM, FB PIXEL, tracking links, cookies, event coniguration and conversions. The task is to help with sorting out tracking links and setting up conversions.
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    Interakcjo 14 deals
    Preparation of e-mail base API
    Proposed by freelancer
    We have a list of companies that we need to get emails to. It's a long list. We are looking for someone who can help us build such a mailing base using good tools. As written in the ad, we have a list of companies that are interested in the product in WORD, we need emails for this. I don't know how much it can cost, please give me offers.
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    Dawidurus 3 deals
    Good day! The matter is as follows. We have created a form in optinmonster (wordpress) with an e-mail to newsletter. We need that after entering the data (name, e-mail) the user receives - an e-mail in which he has to confirm the subscription - after confirming the subscription welcome e-mail informing that the user is on our list, and this must also include a button to unsubscribe. OptinMonster can be connected with Mailchimp. However, it is not required. We especially care about the speed of execution of this order
Fundacja Kierunkowskaz
Fundacja Kierunkowskaz
24 deals
Job category:
Other IT services
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Proposed by freelancer

Preferable skills:
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Job description

In connection with the development of our project, we are looking for people to join the team :)

✅ Form of work: remotely (possible team meetings)

✅ Start of project: since mid-January 2022

Working hours: from 08:00 till 17:00 (Mon-Fri)

✅ We are looking for: students / graduates

✅ Key tasks for this job position:

- preparation of materials for the translation process

- technical analysis of the product for localization purposes

- technical support for specialized tools used in localization process

- creation of macros, scripts, or other automations to streamline localization processes

- correcting technical errors in translated files

- reporting on the work done

✅ Requirements:

- higher education or during the second half of studies (technical or science majors: computer science, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics)

- communicative knowledge of English - at least B2

- good knowledge of XML and/or HTML

- advanced knowledge of MS Office components: Word, Excel (Pivot tables, creating macros, using Wild Card, formulas), PowerPoint, Outlook

- good knowledge of one of the programming languages: C#, VBA/VB or any of the scripting languages (Python)

- basic knowledge of regular expressions and/or XPath and/or Wildcard;

- ability to analyze technical products (programs/files)

- ability to create technical documentation

- independence, results orientation and ability to prioritize tasks

- assertiveness, communication, perceptiveness and decision-making skills;

✅ Nice to Have:

- Experience working with a task tracking system and/or error handling database;

- Knowledge of text file coding systems;

- Experience working with localization tools;

Please quote a month of work for the number of hours claimed.

Required functions:

Place or location:


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