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    Łukasz 45 deals
    I will outsource some Sales Page designs to a UX/UI Expert - mainly for mobile version pages. NOTE If you just know how to make a page - DO NOT bid !!!! I am looking for a person who knows very well and has a successful experience in creating CONVERSATIONAL sites ! He works on wordpress with optimizepress and Cartflow
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    Takeshi 2 deals
    We depend on someone with a very modern/cyber/gaming vibe. The design itself with prepared graphics for coding and we will already handle the rest ourselves. We have more or less an outline and direction in which we want to go, so rather cooperation should be pleasant and easy ;). Pleasantly if we had the project to review in Figma ;) Longer cooperation may result if we find the right person.
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    Proficz 6 deals
    Making an e-mail footer
    100.00 PLN
    I will commission a company email footer - with the ability to edit employee data
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    Designing a modern website for a legal advisor, with graphic design, copy support, SEO with all security certificates and necessary plug-ins.
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    Druk dla małych firm 11 deals
    Speed up our website based on Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order an analysis of a website built on wordpress and make the necessary changes to speed up the site.
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    Rafał Szybiak 1 deal
    The website - a little nightmare, whose owner is now ripe for a professional business card. We are looking for a contractor who will undertake a redesign of the site to make it look professional. Appearance matters, especially in this industry. I will ask for submissions with a portfolio in line with the theme of the site (beauty industry).
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    Konwenty Południowe
    I need a module for Community Builder (User Management Component) that will display events in the user's profile when added via a button. As is: We have a table with events that have taken place or will take place. Each event has its own sub-page with detailed information. I want in the table view and on the sub-pages of events to have a button for logged-in users that, when clicked, will add a specific event to their profile, which will be visible in the profile tab. Of course, there should also be a function to remove these events from the profile in case of mistake. In addition, it would be good if the event subpages displayed the nicknames of the people who have that event in their profile. The budget can be stretched if there is a legitimate need.
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    KUNAGONE 14 deals
    Editable FAQ subpage
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to help us edit a new FAQ subpage: This subpage as you can see already has text and graphics. We would like to create here, for example, a drop-down list with titles, so that it has arms and legs and looks good.
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    We had a site set up on this template - Unfortunately the CSS crashed. We also have many attempts to hack the site. I need to put up the site anew on this template with import of vehicles that were left in the backup ( with crashed CSS), secure it and make it stable. The server is getting maximum load values. In addition, our email is signaling lack of space - I need support here too.
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    Wordpress Website improve
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello! We are a small business; we want to improve our website by wordpress *Home *Courses & services: Group Classes, Private classes. *FQA *Contact: Company contacts / Work with us Also we are open to check new new proposals. Please contact me with the following details: *Delivery times *Price list *Requirements. Regards.
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Job category:
Web pages
Expected budget:

1000.00 PLN

Valid until:

Job description


I have a site to make according to the project (graphics and use of any of the ready-made editors). Please give me a quote and completion time.

Best regards

-- Andrew

Required features

mobile version

Preferable solution

WordPress + editor (Elementor preferred)