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Sending Gravity Forms via Zapier to Bitrix24

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    Hi. I am looking for somebody to create an extension to Google Chrome or create a standalone program to download eBay webpages with high-quality pictures related to the item listed, download it to the local drive. EBay URLs are listed in the Excel sheet - they can be manually copied to the created program. The program must be able to download in bulk. I do not want to download pages one by one. At this moment I am opening every link, manually CTRL-S, sive on my drive, and manually opening and saving every picture. I would like to have it automated. I need simple solution.
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    As in the title, I will commission the creation of a site on the basis of the existing one. The order is comprehensive, but I would like to spread in stages due to the extensive functionality. Current site: 1. integration of the site with strapi. 2. creation of a user panel/dashboard with: -registration/logging in with strapi -adding ads by companies/agencies (which will be registered), integration with strapi -creation of adding premium offers (integration with stripe) I will send a file with the project. Implementation time up to two weeks after acceptance of terms. Polish language required for communication. Budget to be agreed, please make a proposal.
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    Jarosław 6 deals
    Adding a class to empty table cells
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day I need a code snippet glue script in worpress that adds a class to empty table cells
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    Fullbaxplus 9 deals
    strona docelowa
    Proposed by freelancer
    I want to create a landing page, on unless you suggest a better option I have a concept based on customer research; so I need more graphic support.
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    rebuilding the site on WordPress
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    rebuilding the offer of 3 services I have on a site built on WordPress, I have the guidelines and content of the offer written down, I care about good display on smartphones. Elimination of "no index" google can't see all subpages
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    I want to put up a Professional Coach website in WIX, I have already purchased the WIX package. A simple website and a clear website with a blog and an offer
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    Lolkus 1 deal
    I will commission the creation of a Landing Page on I have the texts and the general idea, as well as model LPs. The order is quite urgent.
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    Good day, I need a person who is proficient in JS, PHP, CSS to create a website based on Wordpress or other agreed solution, a company website not containing a large number of subpages.
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    Creation of a training platform
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    I am looking for a person who will make for me something like a training platform, that is, a website on which there will be a training presentation to click through, and then a test, after solving which a certificate of completion of training will be generated.
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    Agnieszka Zych
    Moving the website design to WORDPRESS
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I have an almost finished website design on figma and I am looking for someone to transfer it to wordpress. Please give me an initial quote: main site and 10 subpages. I will get back to the chosen ones with a link to the project. The site is not very complicated and rather schematic.
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Web pages
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Job description

The quote concerns a problem with the integration of a form created in Gravity Forms, which is being transferred to Bitrix24 using Zapier.

The form involves entering contact information for individuals, which should be used to create a deal in Bitrix24. The form allows for a maximum of 10 individuals to be entered.

The issue is that currently, when adding one person to the form, 10 deals are being created instead of just one. When two individuals are entered, two deals should be created (one deal per person), and so on. The problem lies in the fact that regardless of the number of individuals entered, 10 deals are always being created upon form submission.

Preferable solution

Bitrix24, Gravity Forms, Zapier

Required features

Bitrix24, Gravity Forms, Zapier