Selecting a niche, products and launching online sales of original Plexiglas and wood products. Instagram/own online store.

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    WooCommerce BaseLinker Connect intgeation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who can perform integrations in BaseLinker Connect. I have an online store based on WooCommerce, the store runs on dropshiping rules. I have two wholesalers hooked up to BaseLinker Connect, and several other suppliers. I need to automate the process of passing orders to specific wholesalers.
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    gw 1 deal
    Redesigning an online store.
    Proposed by freelancer
    The store is to be created in multiple language versions - PL, COM, DE to begin with, with the possibility of easily adding more languages/currencies. We are keen on creating the base (the look of the site, functionality, setting taxes, shipments accordingly). On our side is to create descriptions with translations, etc. Currently we are using Woocommerce however we are analyzing the possibility of choosing another SAS (Shopify, Magento others). On the side of integration necessary integration with Baselinker. Shipments by courier + parcel machines. P24 and Stripe payments.
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    I am looking for a person who will implement changes to the HTML/CSS/JS code on the Shoper platform in terms of the layout of the home page, category pages and product page. All done so that it does not interfere with shopper updates and current functionality. I will send detailed guidelines to my email. Then I will choose the most suitable offer.
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    Bear Mate Family
    Expansion of the Site
    Proposed by freelancer
    1) You would definitely need to update all plugins etc. 2. i would like to return to the mechanism of drop-down menus, BUT looking exactly like on site animation, manner of appearance etc all identical, only we will go in bear mate color more. 3. next to the bear mate logo in the header, should appear the words: stall and it when hovering over it develops a menu in which there is: a list of products and swag link. 4. clicking on the stall takes you to a list of all products on one page 5. clicking on a specific product from the menu or product page takes you to the product page. 6. clicking on swag takes you to a page with various products in the swag category, 7. we will have to create a sub-page for two additional products similar to the current main page. 8. customers who have barked from the subscription, said that in their profile they do not see anywhere the option to suspend the subscription, this should be verified and possibly fixed.
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    Cafessima 29 deals
    We are looking for an experienced person to: 1. updating the store (scope of tasks attached) 2. help with maintaining the store thereafter. Please provide me with an estimated cost for step 1 and step 2 (possibly a billing model) and indicate references or store pages that you have built/maintained.
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    res.end('Hello World!'); 13 deals
    I will commission the implementation of graphic designs for kadence. To start, the implementation of the home page. Commissioned immediately.
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    Mirative 1 deal
    We are looking for a contractor to integrate the Baselinker platform with existing sales channels and external services. The task is to configure connections between APIs of different external providers, in a way that allows continuous and uninterrupted exchange of information (orders, invoices, prices, e-mail communication, shipments, sales statements via SKU/GTIN, etc.).
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    The need is to write a driver under the external XML file for the IAIDownloader. During "normal" synchronization, one product is loaded into the warehouse. This is probably due to the incorrect structure of the XML file and the lack of closures for individual goods, so that the program sees all goods as one in individual nodes. I need the following to synchronize from the file: inventory, sizes and names for identification.
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    Implementation of a B2B wholesaler based on Idosell template changes full configuration product imports configuration with warehouse source and baselinker key experience please send completed projects
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    Hello, I will commission the customization of the store: -Creation of a simple original graphic style for the Shoper store. -Add places for graphics -Adjusting the home page -Changing the overall look of the site from basic in CSS and JavaScript Required knowledge of modules in Shoper so that I can customize the store in the future, and the ability to create new functionality in shoper so that we can continue our cooperation :) I have a logo in different dimensions. The price quoted is for the above mentioned scope of work. Please apply for people with at least minimal experience.
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Job description

Professionally, I design and manufacture wood and Plexiglas products. I am getting tired of the service business. I am looking for help to choose a niche and a dozen products that I will successfully sell on line. I have experience in optimizing manufacturing processes, so I am willing to actively participate in the research process a to select products for the manufacturing technologies I have. I also have my own ideas to analyze.

Required functions:

Online payments, mobile version, multilingual version (PL, ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH)

Template / individual design:

To be agreed