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    1. using a dataset on cab travel - try to determine as many facts about it as possible: check what the dataset contains the dataset, evaluate the quality of this data, and draw information and conclusions from this data. 2. using access to the dataset in Google Bigquery on airplane flights conduct an analogous analysis as in task 1, but this time, in addition to the results and conclusions, include your SQL queries in the solution. 3. using SQL, add an additional column to this table with the previous qty number for the previous order of a given customer. 4. what is the problem in the following SQL query? SELECT customer_id, AVG(revenue) FROM x WHERE AVG(revenue) > 75 GROUP BY customer_id Simple and quick tasks for the analyst. time - until the end of Saturday (02.07)
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    PiotrWarszawa 11 deals
    Adding products on Subiekt GT - Prestashop - Allegro - Ceneo Regular order We need to make a database for 55000 products I need a quote for 100 products - when divided into stages let's assume 10x100 products in the first throw.
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    Like Apps 11 deals
    Cooperation - Software services
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order a contract for programming services: development of websites, stores, applications.
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    Allegro auctions creation from csv file. Auctions will be created by Easy Uploader program. Everything is described here-> Simple simple auction with photo and parameters. We ask for estimate for adding 10 auctions.
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    IM 1 deal
    We are looking for a person to prepare a B2B database for us according to the following criteria: Segment: - construction - transport Decision makers: - owner - president Company size: - SME companies i.e. small and medium sized companies Update of the database: - the database to be prepared at the time of acceptance of the order. We do not want databases created several years ago. Required data: Company name Website First name Surname Position Email Phone Industry Tax Identification Number (if available)
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    The assignment is to create a tool to measure cashflow in a company. You need to collect all data in one place. Fixed costs Variable costs Costs resulting from defects. In addition, we need to improve the functionality of the current Excel, which counts the consumption of utilities in properties. The main problem is the change of the meter and the lack of continuity in the consumption of utilities, and the proper representation of overpayments for utilities. The idea is to build a framework that can be expanded.
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    Prolego 617 deals
    Research job boards/offer aggregators
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    I would like to do some research on job boards such as nofluffjobs and compare their features, price lists and functionality. Experience in similar projects or HR industry is welcome. Please provide a price for 10 hours of research and a description of your experience in the offer
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    Three bases from the British market are needed immediately 1. the company operating the trade show Customer type: Small and medium enterprises Location of companies in the database: United Kingdom Customer industry: *wedding industry *startups *IT/new technologies * gyms and fitness clubs (modern in big cities) 2. law firm Client type: Small and medium enterprises Location of companies in the database: United Kingdom Industry Clients: *investment funds: angel investors and venture capital (not listed) *investor groups * startup networking groups *IT/software houses *coowrking spaces *developer training schools *HR firms that specialize in recruiting IT workers 3. maintenance and space arrangement company Client type: Small and medium enterprises Location of companies in the database: United Kingdom Customer industry: *silver fitness clubs (not chain clubs in major cities)
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    PROMOTE IT 1 deal
    B2B customer acquisition
    5000.00 PLN
    We will outsource B2B customer acquisition for creating an online store, website and online marketing.
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    MIAG 99 deals
    Hello, I have a ready-made excel file with a list of companies and I need a person who will filter this database according to the guidelines and create a target document. Please give me an estimated offer for such a database. The final document will contain 50 records. Each record has 74 columns.
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Data processing
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Job description

The contractor's task is to search for as much information as possible about a specific product.

As a result, a report is to be prepared that includes everything that has been found :)

We will need specific and useful information, carrying out research according to the guidelines, and taking care of the correctness and completeness of the information.

Experience in searching for products, companies, creating lists, price lists are welcome (please indicate in the offer)

As a company, we have over 600 settled contracts :) Possible further orders of this type via useme.

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