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    Text processing to evaluate sentiment and other features that can be extracted from the text. Please provide a quote for a month of work for the stated number of hours.
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    Katarzyna Krygier Brandbook
    Przygotowanie opisów produktu w HTML
    Proposed by freelancer
    Dzień Dobry, szukam osoby do przygotowania HTML z opisem produktów wg różnych specyfikacji (różne skl
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    The finished design would be best if it could be generated as a vector in PDF for printing with the appropriate size (1 field = 5mm) Such a pattern to create will be from a selected color palette. We need a program to generate pixel art patterns manually, which we will be able to place on our website, from where you will be able to download the generated template as a pdf. We need a generator like here : Price to be negotiated of course, I would ask interested parties to submit an offer with price.
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    Bot to buy coal from PGG
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a very good programmer who can write an application to automatically purchase coal from the PGG store. Deadline up to a week.
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    Luxwiev 4 deals
    Hello Need a programmer to create a wizard for Framing photo wallpaper images
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    Small improvements in CRM written in php
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    I have purchased a simple crm in php - I need to make some corrections in it: 1.In adding a company you need to add a NIP field, the value must be unique, you cannot add a company with the same nip. 2.Currently a company can have one address, I need the ability to add multiple addresses 3. there are 3 user levels admin, manager and normal user. I need to add the possibility of assigning users to managers. Additionally, user can see only companies which he added, and manager can see companies added by him and his users.
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    Byrdowski 1 deal
    AUTHORITY JAVA SCRIPT language DESCRIPTION what to do in 3D configurator. *- Add change of styles in 3D model, according to pdf below (change of objects with additives that are 3D models, change of textures) *- Fixing the script in terms of drop down list, displaying options *- Assigning proper information to products when ordering More info pv, date and price to be negotiated.
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    WordPress Developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a developer proficient with WordPress to work with us. We currently have 2 projects to complete: 1. classifieds portal 2. portal with job offers More details after contact Please send us a quote for a month of work with declared number of hours.
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    AmetiT 6 deals
    Creation of Intranet platform
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a programmer to undertake the development of an Intranet platform according to technical specifications. One of the points is: - A modular and dynamic system to customize the appearance of the Intranet desktop (dashboard) according to the available widgets. User preferences will be saved in the memory of the browser through the use of cookies. A detailed specification will be sent to interested parties. Detailed guidelines concerning Wordpress version, PHP, configuration, database 1) Server environment: Windows Server (2019 or above); 2) Web Services: Microsoft IIS; 3) WordPress version: up to date with ongoing updates; 4) Database: MYSQL; 5) PHP version: latest, suitable for current WP version; 6) ActiveDirectory integration. 7) All proposed software versions should not be associated with additional costs. Implementation time mid-June + 2 weeks to implement any changes.
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    .NET + AngularJS Dev (Frontend)
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day We need support for one of the projects, initially it is about 400h with possibility to expand Stack: C#/MVC/Razor, Angular JS, Bootstrap Fontawesome We require time availability min. 35h per week + English min. B2. More emphasis is on frontend, so proficiency in C# is not necessary. Please send quote for 400h of work.
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Desktop/web applications
Expected budget:

1500.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
web application
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Job description


I have 2 scripts.


In one, after activating recaptcha, logging in does not work, everything else, such as registration with recaptcha, works - that is, to repair the file with the login code.


Both scripts have an active license, and still wanting to bind them an error appears.

- the bug is rather on the side of the author of these scripts, so you would have to bypass his server to be able to bind these scripts.


In the second script, YT, FB, Twitter modules do not work ... - this is a script for social exchange - views, likes, etc ...


There is also a lottery module in this script - however, it does not display the leaderboard.

It would be necessary to add who and how much won and for each user a separate table of the last 10 wins and losses with the date and the winnings.


In the admin panel, I have information next to each user which page redirected him to the portal.

It would also be worth giving users this so that they can see where most people are registering from their referral link.


And being on the recommendations - I would like to add a referral contest to the portal - the referral contest is in the previous script, so if it would make it easier, you can get it from there.


I would also like to associate the script with tradedoubler and tradetracker - when a user purchases from my portal, they will be paid.

Unfortunately, I have not received help from the source for several months and it is unlikely that He will help me.

While browsing the internet on a foreign portal, I noticed that not only I have problems with getting help from the author of these scripts.

Please provide a quote for each of the 7 issues.

Required functions:

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