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    The hour-long broadcast consists mostly of excerpts from archival broadcasts and interviews with Anna Frawley, as well as songs by The Beatles. The author of the broadcast unexpectedly passed away this week and this will be a translation of the memorial broadcast. The automatic transcription along with the audio file will be available on Saturday morning, and the translation is needed within a few days. It is important to edit the translation in such a way that it can be read freely. Text that will not require many modifications by the voiceover and sound engineer. Below are links to translations of songs to use as inspiration in the work. We care more about an accurate translation of the meaning of the song, not say the 'rhythm' of the text. The song translations are unlikely to be recorded by voiceover (perhaps as an attempt at audio descriptive music videos). They will certainly be used in the subtitles in the videocast version of the broadcast. 1. The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night 2. John Lennon - Stand by Me,ben_e__king,stand_by_me.html 3. The Beatles - Something 4. The Beatles - Yellow Submarine,the_beatles,yellow_submarine.html (we care that 'In the land of submarines' is 'Land of submarines' rather than 'On board the submarines' as in the translation from the link) 5. The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby 6. The Beatles - Yesterday Short excerpts: The Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds,the_beatles,lucy_in_the_sky_with_diamonds.html Copyright transfer work.
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    Voiceover - English language
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day to you, I am looking for a person who would co-create with me a voiceover in English for ready-made travel videos. I make no secret that the most important element for me is great quality English. English texts will already be ready, it will be enough to provide backing for ready-made videos in Polish. Please provide me with a quote including video editing (pasting the voice recording) and a description of what programs you will use and how quickly you are able to do it. Assume a quote for a 30 min video. Please also provide a short voice sample in English. Best regards :)
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    KrzysztofPietrzak 2 deals
    I have a recording of the interview, made in an empty doctor's office, where reverberation can be heard. The interview was recorded on a SHURE SM7B + ZOOM H6. The assignment includes: 1. removal of reverb from 2 tracks (possibly lowering the tonality of the interviewees' voice, native to radio stations or tube amplifiers), 2. delivery of a working file in Adobe Audition with a prepared developed effect removing reverb for the rest of the realizations from the same room. The task is quite urgent, so if a potential contractor is able to provide me with a similar realization (before and after), he will get priority for selection of the offer. In the attachment I send an excerpt of the sample in .wav format without intro and background music. I will send the selected contractor the source files and the "cut" interview in Adobe Audition (.sesx). For smooth implementation and closing of the order, I expect the contractor to send me a few minutes of each track with the reverb removed, in order to verify and, if necessary, refine the final result.
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We are looking for subcontractors with Worpdress specializations to prepare and record lessons for online courses (video presentation or audio gift).

Important: recordings with copyright, the offer for the duration of the recording cannot be less than 1h and max 20h

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