PYTHON on-board computer, design similar to a PiPboy

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Python Raspbarry Pi

A program that would be modeled on simple programs from the 90s. Select a program with a rotary knob


  • parking with ultrasound sensors

6 sensors indicating the distance in cm

  • Navigation
  • Playing videos from USB
  • Service book reminding every how many kilometers of oil, etc. manually entering the current mileage
  • Data mode showing date, temperature outside and inside, humidity, time

Inputting data via a keyboard displayed on the screen and selecting letters through the up and down arrow keys, right confirmation

All parts and components are available on the Botland portal (6 ultrasound sensors, GPS module, etc.). The whole program is to be displayed on the CRT screen CRT I have a modulator with RCA for the antenna signal.

This is an unusual project, needed for the YouTube channel with the number of subscriptions 87,000. The author of such a program will be able to become famous and be advertised :) I do not know very much about it, so I ask for a quote.

Required functions:

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