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We are looking for a Project Manager with experience in running projects related to the introduction of new courses/trainings to the market based on e-learning platforms.

Project manager's responsibilities towards the team:

 Builds a team

 Assigns tasks, delegates responsibility

 Prioritizes tasks

 Supports the team and sets the course of action

 Identifies and resolves conflicts

 Increases the efficiency of the team's work

 Motivates and engages the team

 Removes obstacles, solves problems

 It is the link between the business world and the project team

Project manager's responsibilities towards the project:

 Starts and closes the project

 Manages the project throughout its life cycle

 Creates a project plan, project card, and schedule

 Plans the resources needed for implementation

 Explains the scope of the project and the business purpose

 Monitors key project parameters, including budget

 Controls the quality

 Manages project risk

 Manages changes, analyzes their impact on the project

 Implements tools, standards, and a communication plan

 Maintains and updates project documentation

 Designs and improves processes

 Cooperates and implements contracts with subcontractors

Project manager's obligations towards stakeholders:

 Maintains relationships and communicates with stakeholders and the project sponsor

 Reports and presents project progress

 Recommends solutions

 Accepts and resolves escalations

 Engages stakeholders and influences their decisions

Project manager's responsibilities towards the organization:

 Escalates problems and asks for support from the organization

 Reports risks

 Reports a need for resources

 Documents lessons learned from the project

 Reports progress

 Reports deviations and requests the release of reserves


• Experience in the above-mentioned position at least 3 years

• Directional education is welcome

• Self-organization of work

• Communicativeness and high personal culture

•Own equipment

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home office

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