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    Good day, We are looking for a freelancer to create a website for a popular brand. Software does not play a role. What matters is creativity in making the site. The design style is to be elegant and modernistic. The theme of the site is the range of car leasing services along with long-term rental. We count on self-reliance during the design. We will provide more guidelines when we start cooperation.
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    Bis Finanse
    I would like to create a responsive site on wordpress for the financial industry. I have a domain, left the question of hosting. It would be nice if additionally someone creates a logo and graphics for social media. Please send me a sample quote and a portfolio of services rendered.
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    Business incubator website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a website on wordpress based on the template*1llflgf*_ga*MjA1ODQxMzI4MS4xNjUzODM3Njkw*_ga_FTPYEGT5LY*MTY1NjYyMzUzNC4xMy4xLjE2NTY2MjM2MzMuMjU.&_ga=2.184828201.1220351566.1656605546-2058413281.1653837690 Search engine optimization.
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    EIP Dynamics
    UX Designer - B2B portal
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for an experienced UX Designer to create a B2B portal project.
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    Happy Dogs Life
    I am interested in the following sub-pages - I give in the context of functionality, the names will be different: 1) Home 2) About Us / Offer 3) Reviews 4) Terms and Conditions 5) Blog / Articles. I need someone who will guide me through this process and will have no problem explaining simple things. It is also important to me that there is some possibility of cooperation later, so that I have support if problems arise or if I want to make changes. At some point in the site - I would like the ability to have a link to an external system for managing registrations, please. Optionally, depending on cost: a calendar option, where people can choose days when they need services + see my availability. And pay directly from the site - connecting to Dutch payment systems. - I have no idea how to set this up, so I need total help here as well. Currently I am a private person, but this will change from July 4: so I will then need an invoice for the company. Thank you
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    Website of the accounting office
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a website on wordpress based on the template:*ksxl59*_ga*MjA1ODQxMzI4MS4xNjUzODM3Njkw*_ga_FTPYEGT5LY*MTY1NjYxNTQ5Ni4xMi4xLjE2NTY2MTYyMTcuNTY.&_ga=2. 142953141.1220351566.1656605546-2058413281.1653837690&_gac=1.157810120.1655812274.Cj0KCQjw2MWVBhCQARIsAIjbwoNy_krhAgwKPGA5mQe3mANyw3QeqXslr6oWTtKVFSTbq5X7r1Ser0EaAkAuEALw_wcB Required graphics translation from the template
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    Home Office Studio 1 deal
    Website modernization
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I have a created website on app. site123. i am looking to upgrade the site. Mainly it's about technical stuff related to online store and links.
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    Quick payment website
    500.00 PLN
    Hello, I'm looking for someone to make a website for me from scratch , the themes of the order are selling information, salespeople support, sales assistant, sales directors, (quicklead) please send your portfolio and more or less price for the site ( hosting and everything from scratch ) the condition is that there must be access to a very fast payment, a few tabs, the ability to communicate through chat...: write me private messages or portfolio
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    OnePage website
    Proposed by freelancer
    We host at: The type of the site is: Business card - onepage built on Wordpress. What functionalities is the website supposed to have? Floating button with contact and MENU Contact form Gallery/galleries (serving as a portfolio, for example) A package of marketing tools (including plugging in Google Analytics - to be determined individually) We have Logo in electronic version (it is a graphic file (pdf, svg, ai, psd, png, jpg etc.). PHOTOS AND TEXTS are to be taken from the existing website: What sub-pages is the site to have? Home page, contact, gallery, references to other sites How many subpages will the site have? ONEPAGE - everything on one page, with the possibility of expansion Redesign of the site: Color combinations considered most appropriate? taken from Required features (e.g. html + php + mysql, responsive site, adapted to modern browsers and mobile devices; preparation for SEO ) The site is to be graphically stable and fully functional on a smartphone and adapted to today's standards Additional information: - ability to quickly edit the site and expand it with additional sub-pages at any time Final Terms: - The Contractor shall provide the Ordering Party with a guarantee within the framework of a 3-month post-implementation technical support, in which the Contractor agrees to fix, at its own expense, glaring errors that do not allow normal use of the website. - All rights are to pass to the Principal - based on CMS: WordPress, (html + php + mysql, responsive website, adapted to modern browsers and mobile devices). - The website will have Contact Form 7 + Recapchta
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    hi, I prepared a business card page in and it was great fun for me, but I came across this moment that I lack experience how to publish it all to be good ;) The assignment consists of: - consultation / layout of the site and its optimization, - advice on what else is worth putting on it - preparation from the technical side (correctness of display on different devices, etc.) - publication of the new site in the domain where the old site is now I attach the project, you can treat it as a mock-up
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Job description

I order an importer to add products from Excel table to

Excel table which will be completed for import has to contain columns with :

1) ordinal number

2) the name of the product

3) symbol

4) description of the product

5) A web link to an image on the server

6) price

7) PVC code

8) manufacturer's name

9) product group

10) And several other columns about 5-6

The automatic machine should create/add a new product to a new tab on the "PRODUCTS" page so that it creates a new product group with the product or add another product to the already created product group.

There may be ready solutions to implement on our website.

Preferable solution

Ready solution

Required features

Excel import