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    Karolina 5 deals
    Good day, I will commission the writing of a script for a podcast on the subject of true crime based on the provided links, articles and materials. The source materials are in English. The length of the script 30 thousand characters Possibility of permanent cooperation.
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    Mateusz 3 deals
    Email template
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    I will commission the development of email templates sent to clients after phone contact. About 3-6 templates depending on the situation. The content is a few sentences describing the company and encouraging cooperation. It should be neat, creative welcome portfolio of previous creations.
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I am looking for someone to prepare a presentation/workshop on specific websites. The sites to be analyzed will be about 11. The presentation should answer questions about the range of services, communication, their platform, sales, quality of service, among others. I am anxious to talk to the staff of each of these sites, showing the path of inquiry, how they offer, screen shots of conversations. Working on English-language sites, marketing industry.

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websites, marketing

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