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Preparing collections of notes in simple arrangements (+ some other things)

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    Hi, I need 3 music to start with. Just what kind, length at least 2,5 minutes. Prerequisite is that they should be from non-public samples (the system will detect public). If everything is ok then I will order about 15 per month. Quality and musical genre do not matter. The main thing is that they should be "their own" and not a mix of ready-made samples.
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    I have a couple of lyrics that I would like to compose into a song, they are not lofty and the song can be lightly humorous or neutral. I will already send details in private contact
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Job description

Hello you!

I need a person to help me prepare collections of sheet music and more. I care about a person who has a lot of time and e.g. in the upcoming vacations will be able to devote a LITTLE time to me (students welcome) :)

What would need to be done:

- a few songbooks in Word format (without sheet music) - finding lyrics and adding simple chords (I attach a songbook I made with Christmas carols) - for some songs I will have chords, and some will have to be made from scratch - in total there will be a few such collections and this type of work is unlikely to return;

- finding songs for sets of sheet music - I have my own ideas, but your task would also be to find the right songs, e.g. set of sheet music - carols of the world - your task would be to search the web and find the right items;

- after determining the sheet music and finding the right songs your task will be to prepare these sheet music sets in easy arrangements (I attach an example) in Musescore - you must know this program. In addition to sheet music I will need fingering and also adding lyrics.

All in all, I'm anxious this summer to move forward as quickly as possible. After the vacations the work could be all the time, just in a smaller time frame. Assuming, of course, that the cooperation will be successful for both sides and we won't get fed up with each other ;-)

It seems to me that it would be best to settle for hours worked, e.g. in

I am waiting for proposals for hourly rates!



Type and length:

Songbooks in Word - several pieces, finding songs, preparing simple arrangements in Musescore. Most work until the end of the vacations and then less hours.