PHP + js + MYSQL script modification from envato

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I will order a modification of the script based on PHP + js + MySQL, which can be purchased at envato:

Application demo:

PURPOSE: the application will be used for communication and sending documents between the accounting office (ACCOUNTING OFFICE) and our client (COMPANY) and will enable the issuing of invoices to our client for his clients (COMPANY CUSTOMER).

Modification 1 - INVOICES module

Adding the option of issuing invoices by a given user (module / tab for issuing a VAT invoice in PDF format, which can be sent to the Customer in the form of an email with a link to the overview and a PDF attachment).

- All issued invoices are to be saved in the INVOICES tab - permanently, without the possibility of removing and editing them

- Possibility to sort invoices by issue date / issue period (e.g. show all invoices by issue date / sale date for a given month)

- The ability to download the Buyer's data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS) database by NIP number and save the customer (for easy issuing of an invoice in the future) and no home "copy and paste" when issuing each invoice

- Possibility to issue invoices in other currencies (USD, EURO, HUF, GBP), the rate taken from the user-selected Table A of NBP average exchange rates on the day selected by the user ( = / ascx / archa.ascx)

Modification no.2 - module EXPORT FAKTUR Export of invoices issued to JPK_V7 file

Experienced with strange "freelancers", I do not pay advances, I do not pay in strange stages, I only settle accounts for all the work done, which is to be done on time and in accordance with the above description; payment made after completing the entire order and presenting the functionality.

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