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    useme 244 deals
    Stworzenie programu rozwojowego i prezentacja dla zespołu BOK
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    Porada prawna kodeks pracy
    Proposed by freelancer
    Poszukuję szybkiej porady prawnej w zakresie kodeksu pracy w pilnej sprawie mailowolub telefonicznie.
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    Silver Cosmetics 13 deals
    Online store assistant - Beauty industry
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to work remotely to complete various tasks/projects in connection with our store. Responsibilities include: - writing product descriptions - creating marketing content - improving product photos - coordinating new projects for the site such as blog, chat, other - Coordinating other ecommerce projects
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    Software Bay 4 deals
    Dzień dobry, poszukuje osoby do obsługi obiektu noclegowego. Jest to niewielki pensjonat znajdujący się w Szklarskiej Porębie. Do obsługi jest 10 pokoi. * Odbieranie telefonów od potencjalnych klientów (zapytania o informacje na temat obiektu/metody odbioru kluczy, rezerwacje, negocjacje ceny itd) * Odbieranie telefonów od aktualnych klientów (pytania o atrakcje w okolicy itp.). Klienci znajdują się w obiekcie głównie w sezonie zimowym (grudzien-luty) i letnim (czerwiec-wrzesien). (Zgłaszanie awarii w godzinach nocnych będzie pod telefonem właściciela obiektu) * Korespondencja z klientami (mail, booking, nocowanie) * Uaktualnianie kalendarza rezerwacji * Kontakt z osobą sprzątającą * Informowanie o problemach jakie zauważają klienci * Osoba powinna mieć doświadczenie w kontakcie z klientami. * Osoba powinna być pod telefonem w godzinach 8-20. Tylko osoby z doświadczeniem w obsłudze tego typu obiektów! Praca jest w 100% zdalna, a w sprawie wynagrodzenia jestem otwarta na wszelkie propozycje od osób mających doświadczenia w tego typu działaniach. Sytuacja do ustalenia z osobą zainteresowaną. Informacja od Useme: składanie ofert jest możliwe jedynie w przypadku: - posiadania ważnej legitymacji studenckiej (dla uczniów/studentów do 26 r.ż) - potwierdzonego oświadczenia o zatrudnieniu na etat za co najmniej minimalne wynagrodzenie - posiadanie działalności gospodarczej
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    Hubert Kuźmicki
    Research aerospace industry Office work
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good morning, I am looking for a person to work with on a permanent basis on research for a marketing campaign in the aviation industry. Three hours a day for a month Research Office work Good written and spoken English required Please quote per hour net Information from Useme: Offers are only possible if: - a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years old) - A confirmed statement of employment for at least the minimum wage - you have a business activity
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    Krystian 2 deals
    Virtual Assistant
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone to help grow a small business in an assistant role. The company mainly deals with education in the field of IT. Work 100% remotely, possibility to work from office in Wroclaw. Flexible working hours, the most important is to deliver the work on time. One meeting per week, about 30-60 minutes (currently on Wednesday at 19:15) Initially the tasks will be for about 3-7 hours a week. As the assistant/assistant and the company grows, the tasks will definitely increase 🙂 Examples of tasks to be done: - editing content for the newsletter, posts on FB, articles for the blog - newsletter - proofreading texts, preparing emails for sending - webinars - changing texts on the website, copying and setting up email templates - contact with graphic designer, proofreader, other contractors, etc. - assistance in creating online courses - arranging ready-made materials in a template on the website, adding descriptions - activity on social media, running a fanpage, activity on thematic groups It is nice if you know at least the basics of wordpress, although we will teach everything. We currently use: - Jira - Wordpress + DIVI + WooCommerce + LearnDash - GetResponse
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    adrianszczesniak 1 deal
    Dzień dobry Poszukuję osoby do wykonywania prostych czynności biurowych na komputerze. Do obowiązków będzie należeć : -wystawianie faktur -sprawdzanie opinii o naszej firmie i wysyłanie złych opinii do nas -koordynacja wysyłania śniadań do naszych klientów itp Czynności są proste i powtarzalne. Do wykonywania pracy niezbędne będzie: -dyspozycyjność kilka godzin dziennie -dyscyplina i skrupulatność -znajomość obsługi komputera -dostęp do własnego laptopa z dostępem do internetu -komunikatywność
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    Dawid Perz 1 deal
    We are looking for a person who will be importing products to our client's store - every now and then a manufacturer releases new files and they have to be imported to the store in order to update prices / add new products. We have prepared instructions for each manufacturer on how to do it - the process is not very complicated - some imports are done automatically, others need to be uploaded manually (e.g. photos via FTP). After importing, you have to check if the prices match by verifying the excel report. Our proposal is 50 PLN net/hour. Information from Useme: when billing for time, bids are possible only if: - having valid student's card (for pupils/students up to 26 years old) - A confirmed statement of employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    Witold Walecki 2 deals
    PL to EN/EN to PL translation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello We are looking for specialists in MTPE - or machine translation verification. mainly legal and financial texts, mostly PL to EN. please provide your daily output in standard pages, rate per page, CV. in particular, please contact us if you are available in the coming days greetings PT
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    PBIPL 5 deals
    I will commission to convert a presentation (medical topics) to be more readable. The task will be to break down presentations with less text. So that it was easier to learn from them and were more aesthetic. Example attached. - Reduce the amount of content on the slides by breaking them up - Remove red numbers in brackets from the presentation (question 16) - Create new tables or diagrams where necessary. - Please work in Microsoft PowerPoint. - Do not resize our presentation. - The optimal header size in presentations is 36, - The optimum font size for text is 24-28 (average is 26), however, it is up to you to determine what size is most optimal in each case. ATTENTION: Not all slides require correction, please do not resize slides where they are readable and do not contain too much text
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Office works
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virtual office
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Job description

Do you speak German at a communicative level and want to earn some extra money by working online?

For our client - a Polish company operating in Austria - we are looking for an assistant with German language!

Your duties:

Office support - e-mail and telephone correspondence in German.

Remote work, initially about 10 hours per week.

Our expectations:

ability to establish good contact with the customer

communicative knowledge of German, both spoken and written (we do not require any industry specialization - general knowledge is enough)

own business activity

Would you like to know more? Make an initial offer

The job in figures:

10 hours per week

Place or location:


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