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I am looking for somebody to build a scheduled Node.js (TS) or Laravel script.


There is a website with real estate properties that I own. Every associated broker agency can create an account.

Next, I will create an FTP account for them. Those account credentials are configured in the software they are using and results in periodically (several times per day) uploading files like in example to the FTP account.

What I expect you to do:

- create a script/app that will be scheduled (cronjob) to loop over all client account periodically. We can consider two opinions: or FTP server is totally separated, or is the same machine as a script, so files can be fetched locally.

- all required properties from XML (I will update the list a bit later), are fetched and mapped into a JSON object, so I can later modify it under my needs, and put/update it into the Database.

- files are moved to the application assets directory according to the posting, they are connected to

- after a successful operation, XML and image files are removed, and the script iterates to other's client directories.

Also good to consider creating a base mechanism in a way, that it will be easy to switch/extend it to another provider (another XML structure), so design patterns appreciated.

Request for a quote for the month of work for the declared number of hours.

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