Music for podcast - intro (~11 sec.)

Preferable skills:

music composition

Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Published: Status: closed

Job description

I would like to commission a reproduction of the song, which will serve as an intro to the podcast. I have an existing melody from a very bad version from another project, I do not have a source file. File attached. The melody is an individual interpretation of the song: "Carol of the bells", which is already in the public domain.

The expected result is two versions of the song:

- one in which the main loop repeats itself six times and the song ends as in the original (cut out "bells")

- the second one, identical in the wording with the source song

The new work should be as close as possible to the attached source work, preferably without changing anything and especially the character of the foundation, dynamics, key, etc. Only this result will be acceptable.

Submitted offers (9)
Paulina Miedzińska
  • events organisation
  • music composition
  • record production
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added on 2018-11-12
  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe indesign
  • adobe photoshop
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added on 2018-11-12
added on 2018-11-07
  • advertisement
  • application form
  • article
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added on 2018-10-24
added on 2018-10-23
Jacek Opielka
  • advertisement
  • background music
  • english
  • ... (+7)
added on 2018-10-22
added on 2018-10-19
M3studio Multimedia Solutions
  • adobe creative suite
  • conceptual projects
  • copywriting
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added on 2018-10-18
added on 2018-10-17