Moving a script from TamperMonkey written probably in jQuery to a simple android application written by you + some functions.

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Job category:
Desktop/web applications
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Preferable skills:
mobile applications
Valid until:

Job description

I will be commissioned to make an Android application that will port the script code probably in jQuery from Tampermonkey to a mobile (phone) version.

I am looking for a person to look at a finished script for a certain page, which will be transferred to the Android application level in an appropriate manner.

In addition, I will want to be able to add / remove favorites in the application and when these favorites are online - then it is to show a message in the notification bar of the phone that this and that person is online.

Details to be determined individually. Generally, it was supposed to be taken care of by my friend, he said 'well, here is not so much fun with it', so maybe someone would try to take it up.

I will thank offers from companies that will take large amounts of money from the spot. I rather aim at private persons, who can do something and are able to cope with the order. This is for private purposes, therefore I do not want to interfere in it companies or programmers 10k, because I know how much they will charge for it.

Also, well... If you think that you can handle the task then write. We will see what possibilities you have.

Required functions:

adding and deleting favorites, notifications on phone about online favorites, transferred script working properly.