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O My Deer
O My Deer
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Desktop/web applications
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Job description

I will order adding functionality in Thrive Quiz or creating a personality test under WordPress.

In the case of modification - we have a personality test with the weight of each answer, and you would have to:

1. Make the second answer in a row in the summary (with the second-highest point value)

2. Enrich the presented result (personality type) with the score in points.

A short description of what the test would look like when it was recreated:

1. The pool of questions internally divided into 4/5 sections - division not visible on the front.

2. Answers with weighted for each of them.

3. Summing up the results per department

4. Reporting the result divided into the 2 highest-scoring sections with the number of points scored.

a rather urgent subject. details for those interested in the message.

Required functions:

score the answer presenting the top two answers