Modification / addition of functionalities to the CMS system (PHP 7.2 + Yii 2.0) I will order a modification of the ready functionality for a car rental based on the PHP - YII 2.0 library

Expected budget:

2000.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
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Job description

Functionality that is already there - generating a contract to a ready .docx file, based on data (variables) entered in the car booking / release form, and saving it on the computer disk.

What is the modification - the ability to save the contract in the MySQL database, the ability to edit / view contract data in the CMS system (already available), and adding variables, e.g. select and the field for the Customer's signature under the contract. When picking up the car, the customer signs on a touchpad. The contract should be saved along with photos of the vehicles on the server with the possibility of an inspection history.

The basic and structural functionalities are there, i.e. adding cars, customer data, sorting, generating a contract, etc. - the order concerns only editing and saving the contract.

Required functions:

Skills: PHP 7.2 MySQL databases YII 2.0 framework

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Rashmi Nandwana

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Creative Solve

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