Making adobe xd / figma website design

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Other IT services
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UX design
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Job description

I will commission the design of a desktop,tablet,mobile website. The project is to consist of header,4 sections,footer. Each section is to contain an image and information.

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    edudyk 113 deals
    Setting up the new Google Analytics
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, We are looking for a person to configure the new Analytics for us. We want the new GA to include everything we have in the old GA. Of course, we will discuss more details with those interested. Feel free to contact me.
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    Zleceniodawca_1 1 deal
    Good day, I am looking for a person to help us configure Bitrix24. Mainly in the field of CRM based on the connection with BaseLinker. BaseLinker paired with Allegro and PrestaShop online store. It is important to have advanced knowledge of the programs.
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    PBIPL 5 deals
    Hi, I am looking for a programmer with experience working with the ChatGPT API - specifically the latest version of GPT-4 - to perform a specific data processing task. The task involves transforming a large set of questions saved in Excel format so that detailed answers are generated for each question using GPT-4. The dataset is several thousand questions that need accurate, reliable and consistent answers. Each question will require individual interpretation and answers. You need your own access to the GPT-4 API. If no one comes forward with access to.the.GPT4 API then I will look among.GPT 3.5. The project should be completed within a week. Therefore, I am looking for someone who is available immediately and can get to work quickly. Please contact me if you have the necessary experience and skills and are willing to take on this task. I look forward to receiving your portfolio and examples of previous GPT API work. Sample file attached, please create using gpt.4 explanation for each answer. Regards, Piotr
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    MQX Polska Sp. z o.o.
    We invite you to send us a quote. Setting up a website (news) for Google News - adding a website to Google News. Our new website is ready, there is a News section, we want to add to Google News. What is Google News Google News helps you understand world events by providing access to quality content. In mobile apps on Android and iOS, as well as in browsers, Google News helps you find articles that are important to you. Google News allows users to: learn about current events, explore world news and diverse content from a variety of publishers; subscribe to specific news providers and topics; share articles and bookmark them; personalize content in the "For You" section. We also need to send using Google News' Publisher Center. The Publisher Center is an interface that makes it easy for publishers to upload and manage content in Google News. Initial setup Naming the publication The name you provide will be used in Google Messages to identify your publications. It should be a simple identifier. We recommend that the name meets these criteria: more to be discussed later
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    Remote access via Red hat openshift cloud
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to maintain remote access to our devices from a mobile application on Red Hat's openshift platform. oauth2 authentication
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    ZlatyGroup 17 deals
    We execute email campaigns using an external SMTP server, which provides us with a report: OR, CTR, BounceRate. We would like to have this data deposited on the customer/contact card in our CRM.
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    I will commission an analysis of the network traffic generated during online games (here I leave the choice to you, however it must be at least 2 different games) - more precisely what traffic is transmitted - IP, UDP, TCP, http, what are the delays, what are the ports opened. You can measure latency in the TCP protocol using RTT travel times, which are the difference between the time of receipt of an ACK acknowledgment with a sequence number one greater than the sequence number plus the size of the data segment sent. This measurement can also be done via the icmp protocol, using the Echo request - response mechanism. To perform the task, it is best to use Kali Linux along with, for example, Wireshark, tcpdump, or other tools as desired. The analysis must be documented with the steps performed, along with a brief description and screenshots, and must include an analysis of the requests - this can be a Word file, or PDF.
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    Baselinker <> Prestashop
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to extend Baselinker integration with Prestashop. I want to integrate the created additional fields next to the products with the additional fields in Prestashop created with the module
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    adrianszczesniak 32 deals
    Setting up a sales CRM
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day I am looking for a person who will be responsible for the configuration of a new crm system that we are implementing in the company. The task will be to go through the entire sales process in the company, dissecting it including what happens at what stage, what information is filled in, etc. And translating it into crm (with the support of their support). And the responsibility of connecting by ani several external systems (with the help of our specialists who take care of it). So what we're really looking for is someone to coordinate this whole process and be responsible for it
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    You should create a REST API using the GCP API, which will allow you to perform the various steps below (the order will probably be important) 1) You should create a bucket in storage named APP_NAME, 2) You should run the cloud run from the backend according to the docker image from artifactory (with the latest tag) with a set of environment variables and exposing port 3333 3) You should run the cloud run from the front-1 according to the docker image from artifactory (with the latest tag) with the environment variable API_URL - backend address and exposing port 4300 4) You should run the cloud run from front-2 according to the docker image from artifactory (with the latest tag) with the API_URL environment variable - backend address and exposing port 4200 5) Network the instances - publicly accessible each of the three ports at, with paths: - for backend: /api - for front-1: / - for front-2: /customer 6) For individual Clud runs, set the appropriate environment variables (some fixed, some resulting from each stage).