Location filtering mechanism for Google Maps API and Open Street Map

Preferable skills:

Google Apps Script
web site

Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Published: Status: closed

Job description

The necessary map mechanism on which I will mark the places I work with:

- filtering by school category (all selected by default = all displayed)

- markers on the map in the color of the filter marker icon

- marker clustering - eventually without this function if the filtering mechanism will not allow it

- after clicking on the marker - a label with a logo, a short description and a url button

- version for Google Maps API and Open Street Map (both working on one source, e.g. json containing: id, category, name, short description, url, logo path, lat-long coordinates).

Indicative diagram in the attached PDF

Required functions:

filtering (using checkboxes), clustering, version for Google, version for Open Street Map

Template / individual design:

Element for an original website based on PHP and MySQL via PDO.

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