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We are launching a new initiative in which we want to give people entering IT a chance to catch their first commercial experience, working on non-profit or startup projects.

However, in order to create the right conditions for development, experienced professionals are needed. Someone like that is what I'm looking for in this assignment - someone who already has proven commercial experience and is willing to share the knowledge gained and instill good role models among the program's participants - the learners.

Naturally, the program is arranged in such a way that the participants pay a contribution to cover, among other things, the mentoring support in the program.

By mentoring activities we mean:

- High-level planning of the development path of those participating in the program,

- Laying out project processes/standards, before inexperienced people enter the "coding" process ;)

- Code review of MRek program participants,

- Pair coding,

- Mentoring sessions (mainly on code and mistakes made).

Of course, this is all in a relatively limited scope, as we are mainly talking about people learning after hours, so for you, too, it is simply an opportunity to make some money for yourself ;)

Naturally, we want to replicate commercial conditions, so we already have mentors for the following positions:

- FE dev (React.JS)

- DevOps

- QA

- Designer

- PM

The element we are missing is BE :)

Required functions:

min. 2 lata doświadczenia Java Spring lub Python Django SQL lub PosteSQL GIT - CI/CD

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