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    ŁukaszWalljee 11 deals
    1-page LP
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need to create a 1 page LP with some information + photos of the implementation. Purchase of domain etc.
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    Nowy skrypt + grafika www 2 deals
    We will commission a new website
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission the design of a new website Functionality as the current one + full responsiveness of the site, Please include in the offer the transfer of the current content from the site and adaptation of the code and graphics for search engines.
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    Joanna Prodialog
    1. e-book download plugin, that is, the customer leaves an email and the name and name of the company and in return the email receives a link to download the e-book 2. plug-in (mechanism) to draw a "quote for today" - It can be in the form of a pop up, that is, the customer clicks "draw a card for today", there can be some simple animation of the draw, after which an orange card with the password appears to him. The template of the card in the attachment.
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    Jarosław Palarz 5 deals
    We need a simple business card website for an accounting firm. Preferably in the form of a landing page Functionality: Semi-connection with basic GA analytics Adding a contact form: :schedule a free consultation" which will link to a tool like tidycal Basic SEO optimization Page load speed of less than 3 seconds Site designed for mobile
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    A growing startup at the stage of First Paying Customers, is looking for a person who is able to perform fixes on the site, solve the problem of eternally loading Elementor or put up the site from scratch, plug in the SSL certificate. In addition, he has experience in website development and design, because we want to expand the site with new functionalities such as a card payment system with the help of stripe, and the company's SaaS payment plans. We are eager to establish cooperation and discuss a wider range of activities.
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    Papillon Media 17 deals
    Good day, We are looking for WordPress Juniors who will mainly make simple business card and onepage type sites on paid templates and themes provided by the company. - During the work, support from mentors i.e. Senior WEB Developer and Senior WordPress Developer. - junior receives paid templates, images and other elements needed to complete the work (provided by the company) - we require a sense of aesthetics and meeting deadlines - that is, time and quality are most important - billing by useme - please quote rates per hour of work or for a simple business card or onepage (home page, info about fim, gallery, contact). - I will contact the selected persons
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    Creation of 2 websites based on Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    The first site is to have information sub-pages and a blog. The second multivendor marketplace, information sub-pages and blog. Installation on the server, filling with content based on the guidelines, in addition, I ask for a quote for post-installation support.
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    Hi, we are looking for someone who is very familiar with WordPress, and technical issues of websites. Preferably someone with experience with Builders - DIVI and Elementor. Long-term cooperation.
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    Grzegorz Rutko
    I'm looking for a person to help me on an ad hoc basis with my website on WordPress: - updates - backup - expansion with new sub-pages - landing page and sales funnels Please send me offers with portfolio
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    Site on wordpress
    1000.00 PLN
    I am looking for a person to make a website on wordpress. I have a domain and hosting. Price up to 1000 zloty. The designs I like and in a similar style I would like a site. In general I would like some animated stuff i.e. to make some elements movable. Please let me know what you need from my side - what I have to provide you before starting the order. Please contact me only people who fit the budget and know that they will cope when it comes to execution. BE SURE TO INCLUDE LINKS TO EXAMPLES OF YOUR REALIZATIONS. Preferably in a similar theme as the links above.
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13 deals
Job category:
Web pages
Expected budget:

750.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
layout design
slicing html
slicing psd
web site
Valid until:

Job description

A simple landing page - one page [ I have a template ], which on the page will contain a form.

After filling in the necessary data and attaching files, it will ask for payment and then send a confirmation email - to the customer with the correctly submitted form and to us with the data and attachments from the form.

It is important that the site is responsive and works on phones and tablets.

I need a package - design + functionality

We have:



-contract with przelewy24

-paid plugins elementor and others

Preferable solution

- Wordpress, Woocommerce - ELEMENTOR [ we have a paid plugin ].

Required features

- Form - checkboxes, to enter + attachments - Ability to purchase [ przelewy24 - we have a signed agreement and it works on other sites ]. - Responsive - ready to be able to fill out the form and pay on phones and tablets