KAFKA + SSL + SASL / SCRAM + DOCKER server configuration

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1. I need ready-to-use:

- configuration of the KAFKA server in the docker on BITNAM images,

- a minimal nodejs script that will be able to connect to a running server based on node-librdkafka.

2. As a result, I would like to get one tar.gz archive containing:

a.docker-compose.yml file,

b. bash / sh script that generates SSL certificates,

c. minimal producer / consumer script written in nodejs and librdkafka,

d. README file containing step-by-step instructions on how to generate and use SSL certificates.

3. Other requirements are:

a.single kafka instance (single broker),

b. all SSL encrypted connections,

c. SASL / SCRAM authentication,

d. zookeeper authentication (no anonymous login to the zookeeper).

4. If the code includes sample passwords, they should be unique for better readability, e.g. 'kafka-client-password' instead of 'password'.

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