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    Fast Thinking
    vue.js frontent developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    Fast Thinking is a growing marketing solutions business that helps brands to deliver more relevant and valuable customer experiences across all digital marketing touchpoints. Through the Evolve Marketing Platform and our Marketing Solutions team, we have helped a diverse range of businesses including brands, agency groups and consultancies. These include Unilever Group, Pandora, Crate & Barrel, Heal’s, Majestic Wine, Viking Cruises, Omnicom Media Group, Atomic London, and Flock Associates. We are looking for a Frontend Developer to help us speed up delivery of the 1.0 version of our Product. We have released a closed MVP for our existing marketing services clients. Now we are about to make the product open to a wider audience. We are looking for a person available to do 1-2 months of work on our frontend layer, with the possibility to extend to a longer cooperation. You will create vue components, based on the designs prepared on our end and shared via Zeplin. We need you to have experience and knowledge of the following technologies - JavaScript - TypeScript - vue.js 3 - Sass / Less - jQuery - HTML/CSS
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    Jacek 1 deal
    Python/django consulting
    1000.00 PLN
    I am looking for a person who has experience in web applications written in django. I need a few hours of consulting for an educational project (sales system - no fiscal, warehouse, products), which maybe in the future will be used in the company. assumptions: 1. sales - a simple transaction by the cashier, the exit of the product from the stock 2. warehouse - product base, inventory, prices. Adding a virtual warehouse 3. admin - viewing of data by the administrator. Information from Useme: bidding is possible only if: - possession of a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    AI 20 deals
    Moving the plug-in to 4 sites
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission the transfer of a plugin available on site X, to 4 other sites. The plugin is properly configured, so it is not possible to install it from scratch on each site. Please send me a quote. I will add that it is wordpress (both site X and the sites to which you need to move the plugin)
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    Norbert Sobala 4 deals
    Good day, We are looking for a person who will write a solution to integrate Baselinker with Anteeo's WMS program. The program is to send orders from Baselinker to WMS, if there will also be the possibility to view PDF documents. We were thinking about several solutions, what seems the simplest to a script that will generate an XML/CSV file and transfer it every few minutes to the WMS. Of course, other solutions also come into play, an application or a program. We are looking for someone with experience in API development.
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    s01e15 3 deals
    I will commission the development of a web application for booking appointments and managing them. Importantly, it is to be a dedicated system by design, focused on further development. This means that it cannot be Wordpress + dedicated plugin. UI/UX based on sketches provided by the client. Below are the general assumptions of how the system will work, of course, to be further refined (along with providing login credentials for sample sites): The system is to consist of two components: 1. the "Backend", where service providers log in and where there is, among other things: 1. calendar / list with available visits, 2. possibility to add new visits 3. possibility of editing visits 4. settings of visits (handlers, types, etc.) 2. front-end - a page where any users will be able to book a visit. Please contact me if you have the experience to complete such a project along with a portfolio including web applications.
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    I will commission a script that will log accounts from a given list (probably the simplest gmail) to and cast a vote for a previously given opportunity. The type of execution does not matter, it can be a simple console script + if there is a possibility to log into the mailbox and activate the account (optional)
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    Fitjob Sp. z o.o.
    Implementation of a functionality that allows to send emails to contacts in our database (about 10,000 emails) with any content. Portal Possibility of longer cooperation, as we have more changes to make. Employer panel we have in .net technology , mobile application in flutter technology.
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    Xafy Safety App
    Application migration from software house
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am interested in the service of "taking back" the Xafy Safety App (mobile and browser) from softwarehousing and (if I understand the IT process correctly) putting it on a new server. Mobile app - kotlin, browser app backend Java, web frontend Angular JS. In addition to this, I am also interested in creating new features for the mobile and browser application, "cloning" and putting up the system for new clients.
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    PHP REST API HTML CSS Programmer
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a new PHP developer to join our team with knowledge of REST API, HTML/CSS bootstrap welcome and JS basics to write some delicate front end if needed. Work remotely, in a young, dynamic team. Clients mainly from ecommerce market. Diverse projects.
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    I need to rebuild the standard Layer List widget which is available in ArcGIS Javascript API: Currently when the user clicks the eye icon or layer name it toggles the visibility of the parent layer. I need to change this action - when the user clicks on the layer name it should expand the list of the child layers (or shrink if it's expanded) in the same way as clicking on the triangle arrow.
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Desktop/web applications
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3000.00 PLN

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Job description

We are looking for a programmer who has a university degree in computer science (graduated with at least a master's degree in engineering), has min. 3 years of experience in the implementation of projects for the IoT industry with a particular focus on the requirements of WCAG 2.0, along with references of completed services.

The subject of the order is a two-stage service: 1 stage consulting service on the programming of sensors connected to the tablet and the creation of the interface (expected 10 hours of consulting). 2 stage implementation of the above description.

Required functions:

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