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    🧓 UX/Prestashop/WordPress🤘 9 deals
    Importing the store base
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am interested in importing/transferring part of the database from the current store (sellsmart) to Prestashop 1.7. We want to transfer: - categories, products, images, descriptions, prices.
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    W 7 deals
    Algotrading script
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to write me a script for algotrading on the stock market. Ideally if you already have some idea of how the stock market works or even more in programming stock bots. Request then when making an offer for such information. If not programming skills are enough. The script probably in Python but I am open to other solutions. The offer is for one script, please write estimated amounts in the offer for now and write something about yourself because I will give more information to the person I choose for the order and then we will estimate the specific amount of the order.
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    Mateusz Beczek LuckinessDesign
    Hello, I am looking for a programmer to work with me on developing a web platform/website. I am a UI/UX Designer and I will be the one to design how the application works, how it should look, etc. I will also take care of customer contact. In addition to the creation of the platform, it will also be developed and managed by us, so I am looking for a person for long-term cooperation. Description and sample operation of the platform: The platform is to be used for communication between the electric scooter service and the customer who wants to report a defect in his scooter / component. An example of the complaint process handled by the platform is as follows: Simplified version of the platform. CUSTOMER The customer reports a defect in his device by filling out the service form, providing: - his contact information - the address from which the equipment is to be collected by him/her - date and time of day - information about when the courier is to arrive - description of the defect - serial number of the scooter In addition, the customer must be able to upload a pdf file or photo of the invoice, photos and videos of the equipment malfunction. After submitting the claim, the customer receives a link, after clicking on which he can see the current status of his claim. He is also informed of any status change by email. In the case of a paid repair, he receives an email with a repair quote. When the repair is completed, he receives an email informing him about the closure of the service event along with the repair report. SERVICE INTERFACE The service desk receives a service request sent by the customer. It must be able to refer to the request, accept it, reject it, change the status. The whole thing must be archived - all stages with the date and time of their changes.
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    I will commission the writing of a bot that would enter the application and make a purchase transaction in the fastest possible time. Payment only upon proof that the bot works and is not caught by any firewalls.
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    a.n. 8 deals
    I am looking for a freelancer or SH (not an interactive agency) to build a WordPress template from> scratch <based on UI / UX mockups and implement it in a clean WP installation. - The template must support WooCommerce. - The template can be built with boilerplate, such as Sage ( - I will send UX / UI mockups to those interested - it is about 20 desktop / mobile views to be coded. I expect the contractor to deal with the subject comprehensively, any recommendations for solutions based on their own experience are welcome. I only ask for applications from web developers, i.e. people who have created at least one larger project based on WordPress in their career :)
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    Handbag Configurator - PrestaShop
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the implementation of a handbag creator / configurator to an existing PrestShop online store. The product (handbags) configurator should consist of 4 personalized elements: 1. Body (model). 2. Handle (several options to choose from). 3. Color (body, handle, upholstery). 4. Accessory (several options to choose from, also available for purchase separately in the Accessories catergory). Of the functionality, we still need to have the ability to block some options, that is, for example, in the case of body X, you can not select the handle, etc. It is important that it is possible to place and pay for the order together with products from the regular collection. More details after the initial quote.
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    Gazetka Promocyjna
    zoom desktop version: Currently when zoom is enabled to change position we move the mouse right, left. I would like it to move when zoom is enabled by holding down the mouse button and moving the image in the desired direction example:,62761/2/ zoom mobile version: Currently, when turning on zoom, the zoom is always central and without the ability to move the image. I would like the zoom to be more intuitive i.e. zoom in the desired location and the ability to move the image. When returning to the original size there is often a transition to the next page which is also an undesirable effect. json array: currently json files are manually entered into an array I would like this to be automated. insert: So-called inserts appear on the newspaper pages. They look like newspaper pages but contain different content and are loaded from a different source. I would like them to be cached like newspaper pages. Currently you have to wait until such a page loads which is undesirable.
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    OUTRAGE 3 deals
    Programming email footers
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have 3 email footers to be programmed according to an already prepared design.
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    Export products to XML
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the preparation of a mechanism for exporting products from the store (Shopify) to an XML file. The XML file will have to be prepared according to the specifications of the portal. The file should be hosted at a fixed URL. Update the file every 48h.
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Desktop/web applications
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I represent the content industry, as far as IT is concerned, I know less than about the Milky Way. In the order which we have from the client are the requirements that require the involvement of IT specialist hence my announcement in this section.

Below are the details of the expectations that are required to implement the content that we will create.

List of functions extended to videos :

a) Switching between video materials without reloading the web page b) Support for video buffering

c) Ability to switch the player to audio mode (audio only, no video).

List of Interactive Features in video content:

(a) Ability to layer video and interact between layer objects and video

b) Control of video playback events

c) Ability to add custom controls for video.

That's it when it comes to knowledge in this field, so I am counting on the help and understanding of people who would be able to cooperate.

Required functions:

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