Introduce features based on computer science knowledge into the footage.

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I represent the content industry, as far as IT is concerned, I know less than about the Milky Way. In the order which we have from the client are the requirements that require the involvement of IT specialist hence my announcement in this section.

Below are the details of the expectations that are required to implement the content that we will create.

List of functions extended to videos :

a) Switching between video materials without reloading the web page b) Support for video buffering

c) Ability to switch the player to audio mode (audio only, no video).

List of Interactive Features in video content:

(a) Ability to layer video and interact between layer objects and video

b) Control of video playback events

c) Ability to add custom controls for video.

That's it when it comes to knowledge in this field, so I am counting on the help and understanding of people who would be able to cooperate.

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