Integration of REGON database via API - Integromat + SOAP

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    Jarosław Wakuła
    Scripting in a Mikrotik environment
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission to write some scripts in Mikrotik environment. Scripts related to fetch, nat, vpn, sftp. I am looking for people with experience with these devices and scripts.
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    Korneliy Chelin 31 deals
    Integration with Insert NEXO Sphere
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a specialist in integration with Insert NEXO Sphere Requirements: Experience in integration of systems with Sfera Insert NEXO Knowledge of programming language and integration tools Ability to design and implement interfaces between systems Knowledge of databases and their integration Responsibility and commitment Tasks: Design, implement and maintain interfaces between ERP/CRM systems and Insert NEXO Sphere. Implement and test new integration solutions Troubleshooting technical issues related to integration The main purpose of the integration is to transfer data from the website on the SQL database to NEXO Pro (Subiekt and Gratyfikant) and link them on the Nexo Pro side. If you meet the above requirements, please contact me.
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    The subject of the order is to run a survey based on a list of questions prepared by us in MS Forms or Kobotoolbox application. Experience with either of these applications is required. Then we need to export the database in xml and arrange formulas to sort the records. The database is used to select projects for funding. Sample questions: I am the owner, tenant of the premises, I intend to start the project by ...., the number of tenants in the premises is ......, including the number of children (formula - not more than tenants ).
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    Gosten 1 deal
    Illustrator - script to rename vector id
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am going to commission a script to be written in Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator I have a pair of black vector outlines on a white background. Each outline needs to be assigned an individual id name. So far I have been doing this manually, but due to the large number of outlines (hundreds) I am looking for a way to automate it. I thought of the following script: - the script would read the position of the vector of the given outline - the script reads the number inside the outline (auxiliary number to the script) - checks if the number is inside the path of the outline (previously read) - if so, assigns the outline an id name based on the given number A picture with an example of what I care about is attached. The above sequence is an idea of how I wanted to go about it. Perhaps it is possible to do it in a different way. If so, please make suggestions.
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    Installation of web application, firebase
    Proposed by freelancer
    Installation of xreport application Demo:
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    The goal is that we have many processes in our company that should be reflected in LS and are not. We also need to revitalize reporting and statistics. We also want to standardize and generally change the way we use LS. We also expect modifications in integrations or new integrations. Generally a sizable project. For this, we need one specific (necessarily one specific) specialist with very good knowledge of LS and experience to help us systematically. Business EXPERIENCE is probably even more important here. Systematically - that is, we estimate probably for the next six months. We need a person who will be able to devote at least a few / sometimes probably a dozen hours a week to us - in order to: - recognize the situation as it is now - identify opportunities to use LS - configure LS / set directions for integration - train users I.e. - this is an interesting 'after-hours' job for a skilled professional.
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    ZlatyGroup 5 deals
    Subiekt GT integration - Baselinker
    Proposed by freelancer
    We want to link our Baselinker with our vendor's ERP - Subiekt GT. We want to pull only inventory into baselinker.No "sensitive", transactional, descriptive data. One-way communication: Subiekt -> BL. Requesting payment for the whole thing.
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    OgarnęTo Arletta Pawlicka 28 deals
    I need a person who, in cooperation with me, will set up the Avatar functions in the system. We would need to take care of this today - tomorrow at the latest.
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    Google forms
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a simple solution to collect data from measurement customers and to image the collected data as a pdf file ready for printing. 1.I have a google form created which is intuitive and collects data very well. 2. the problem arises when it wants to print the collected data - the form is long and the data could fit on fewer pages 3) The question is whether it is possible to achieve such an effect or whether it is possible to make the collected data from the form written in pre-defined cells in google sheets so that when we print the sheet we will create a clear document from it? Perhaps one of you has a better idea of how to do this? Perhaps it is better to give up on forms and do something like this right away in google sheets?
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    Pemicont 3 deals
    BASELINKER advanced configuration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Configuration of receiving and exporting orders in Baselinker.
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Job description

I will order a simple integration of the REGON database through the API provided by the authority. The integration is to be only in terms of REGON Database <-> Integromat/Make (SOAP protocol). Ultimately, after sending the TIN, the full company information is to be returned in json or xml format. It is enough that the retrieved data will be waiting in the Integromat object (no need to integrate further). The execution of the order can only consist of giving instructions on how to configure Integromat, but it must work. Instructions to the API: (I already have the key provided).

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