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    Arturito 1 deal
    BOT for WWW
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone to take on the task of making a bot for several websites. I do not really know what else you need, so more information on a private message. Greetings
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    DevKA 37 deals
    Microsoft Teams + WhatsApp integration
    Proposed by freelancer
    I work in a small IT support team - 4 people have access to WhatsApp service number - where customers report failures. I would like to do an integration of these 2 tools - so that in MS Teams you can see and respond to waidomośći WhatsApp
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    Link to Miro board with user flow chart: Freelancer need to create at least 3 questionaries/surveys in no code platform links to Questionaries: - Create a basic survey on a separate page. (5 questions) - Create an extended survey for Kindergarten on a separate page. (40 questions) - Create an extended survey for Primary School on a separate page. (60 questions) - Create an extended survey for the High School on a separate page. (no sample survey yet).
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    Updating the customer service system
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a C# programmer to update applications on a permanent basis in cooperation: - updating code written in older versions of VS - elimination of compilation errors - creation of a clean database - ongoing code modification
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    excel work schedule
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will make a spreadsheet template with the appearance as in the attached file on commission. The operation of the spreadsheet: 1. when you click the green "plus" under the item e.g. 2. a row will be added with a gray background, which are the sub-items of item 2. If there was an item 3 under item 2 then the gray row will be inserted between these items. When you click the blue "plus" e.g. at item 2, a new item will be inserted under the gray rows, i.e. 3. It is desirable that this also works in a situation where there is already an item under a given item, i.e. that you can insert an item in the middle.
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    Marketing_z_głowy 12 deals
    I am looking for a person willing to do a small assignment with the possibility of ad hoc cooperation in the future. Currently, I need to configure (and/or install the appropriate plugin if needed; there is a Meta and Site Kit) FB and Google Ads pixels on a Wordpress site.
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    AtelioSobolewski 1 deal
    Hey! We are looking for someone with WebGL/Canvas experience. The project concerns developing a relatively simple generator for T-Shirts and Cups overprints (2D) I'll send more information and designs of the overprint through e-mail for those who would be interested in taking this project, Looking forward to hearing from you,
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    Jarosław Rangol 7 deals
    Job Description: A system needs to be developed that can: - suck some data from IdoBooking's reservation manager (IdoSell) into the Orange telephone exchange (IVR) database. The data relates to the reservation, such as: room number, address, door access code, phone number, reservation number, etc. - the process takes place in real-time (when a reservation arrives, information is immediately sent to the IVR database This is about a simple solution, not artificial intelligence. The system is only to export the data to the IVR database. I have a server on zenbox, if needed - you can use it. In practice, it is supposed to look like this: - a customer makes a reservation in booking - Booking sends the information to IdoBooking - From IdoBooking, the information goes to the IVR database. From that point on, the IVR will already handle it on its own: - give the customer the room number if he presses np1 - Provide other data sucked from idobooking by the script (which is the subject of the order) I'm open to other solutions, noting that budget plays a role - this is testing the automation of the process.
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    Programming a simple CRM system
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for a person to write a simple CRM SYSTEM for telephone sales. The sources of leads will be from third party companies, facebook, ads so my emphasis is on integration. System features: Full history of customer service, automatically generated labels for dispatch, queue of leads, commission system calculated for each account in the system from sales. Of course, also the division of rights to the system as a seller , administrator. Regards.
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    .NET Support
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need project support for about 500h for project development. Monthly 160h of work. Backend application in .NET Please provide a quote for a month of work for the stated number of hours.
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We need help with adding the InPost parcel delivery option to our store.

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