Information technology equipment management database + diagram + queries

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I would like to commission the creation of a database, diagram and queries for an information technology device management system.

The database is to include entities such as:

- admin and employee accounts

- Devices should be divided into categories - barcode (numerically) - product name - quantity - status (whether it is assigned to someone or not) - location

- Admin can add locations to store devices and view the equipment assigned to all employees

- Returns history - admin can see who took what and when, and if and when they returned it

This is to be a fully functional database to be placed in Phpmyadmin right away. ERD diagram can be made in anything.

I would also ask you to list SELECTs to make the database work (displaying assignment history, assignment time, etc.) and Functions to add new storage locations for devices

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Required functions:

Fully functional database ERD Diagram A list of SELECTs and necessary commands for a functioning database.

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