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    Dawid Kałuża
    Refreshing your site on Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a specialist who embraces Wordpress. I want the look of the site to be refreshed to a more modern and functional one. Details to be negotiated.
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    Coding for HTML/CSS/JS
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a subcontractor to whom I could outsource the coding of pages from Photoshop to HTML/CSS/JS from time to time - usually simple projects such as a form. It is important that it is done accurately and with RWD in mind - here it is sometimes a matter of arranging the elements nicely on RWD yourself because, for example, the project contains only a PC view An additional advantage will be the ability to create pages on WordPress - for example, some business card of the company with the installation of a template, for example, from themeforest and editing under the guidelines of the client Let me know if you are interested in cooperation! Greetings Tomasz
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    Jacek Młynarski
    Site translation on WP - Printogram theme
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the translation of the site to English site on WP with Printogram template. I can provide the texts but would love to see offers with translation.
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    I apologize in advance for the chaotic description, but it's a bit of black magic for me :D We have a website on wordpress and some other landing pages with online course descriptions. We would like to avoid certificate and domain fees, so we are thinking of moving all LPs to , etc. Is this possible? One agency offered us a solution -> however, then we need to buy SSL. If our proposal is feasible, what is the cost of such a service and the deadline?
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    Wertui 1 deal
    We are looking for developers to implement websites on CMS Wordpress with page builder Elementor. We are looking for a Wordpress webdeveloper who will create a website with page builder Elementor based on the provided graphic design of the website. The prepared website should take into account all elements of the design layout, as well as meet the assumptions related to SEO - the use of html semantic tags or judicious use of header tags. The prepared page should have the ability to easily edit the content from the level of the Elementor edition (individual headings, descriptions or graphics on the page - a detailed description is provided before the work is undertaken). We also encourage you to use as few Wordpress plug-ins as possible when creating the site. It is on our side to prepare the design of the main page and subpages in the desktop version. We provide XD files, provide space on the server to implement the prototype. We set the rate and deadline for implementation. The programmer adapts the site to the mobile version (mobile version is not include in graphic project), optimizes selected elements of the site. Settlement after creating the website and making any corrections. In subsequent orders, the possibility of settlement, e.g. once a month. In the attachments sample page designs.
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    I will order the creation of a website for a property management company for long-term lease. - Preparation of a clear website according to the guidelines, - landing page for lead generation (redirection from social media), - integration with software (e.g., - preparation of graphics and texts for the site I care about a site that will generate inquiries. WWW in the form of a business card of the company is out. Example of website:
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    Marek Czyżewski 19 deals
    Adding the module Amelia + Agora/Twilio/(other video)+prepare under TheBDK a website with psychotherapeutic advice. Attached are the views. Strong emphasis on reponsiveness. We will be using thebdk to flip the site to a mobile app. Need a wordpress devloper with lots of experience. Maintenance contract for upkeep etc. NECESSARY PORTFOLIO - I will send a message to interested contractors.
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    Creation of a website design - Figma
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person willing to make a website design in Figma, similar to - details to be discussed privately
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    We are looking for a Front End Developer with experience confirmed by a portfolio. There are UI modifications of SPA from the construction industry/interior design to be made. React.js + CSS with AntD element. Billed hourly or tasks based.
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    The order is to put up a website based on CMS (e.g. Wordpress) which will be similar to - It is important that it is secure, stable, works smoothly, and intuitive to use. We suggest using a template (we don't have a chosen one) to reduce costs but we rely on your suggestions. Option (please isolate the cost): Additionally, integration with Otomoto / olx preferably in the direction of export from CMS to these sites would help us a lot.
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Job description

Good day,

We will commission the implementation of two mockups of subpages on WordPress.

Some of the elements are animated.

The site uses webpack. For styling we use sass. The whole template has a modular structure (one file is the code of one section, this applies to both php and styles and JS). Texts on the page are added using acf created as groups of fields by the ,,Custom Fields" plugin and assigned to the corresponding section with the same name as the field group name. This is important because without this, it will not be possible to add a translation of the site through WPML and to modify the content by people from the creative team.

The mockup was created in Figma.

Attached is an overview version of one of the mockups.

Required features

mobile version, desktop version

Preferable solution


Attached files