I will commission a simple integration with an autopartner wholesaler in PHP

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I will order the creation of a communication mechanism with an autopartner wholesaler, preferably in PHP, I only mean checking the price, availability and possibly downloading photos.

Soap, restapi or whatever works there.

the warehouse operates on the Integra WebKatalog version 6.0.6 as well as nextis,

so if someone was familiar with one of these systems it would be better

Ultimately, it could be a program that parses an online catalog page from the index-list file and outputs the result to csv. However, I would prefer something better than a parser because with many thousand + indexes there may be a problem.

My representative says it can't be done, but I think he just doesn't want to do it.

Required functions:

The script is supposed to take two parameters - the symbol of the goods and the option, return two basic data: price, availability at the headquarters optional link to photos or photos in binary format

Place or location:

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