I am looking for a script for mass mailing and servers

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I am looking for a person / company who will implement a ready-to-use script for mass mailing with servers. Sending dozens of mailings at the same time. Shipping programs I have dealt with: AcyMailing, Mumara. It would be good if the contractor had access (knowledge) where to purchase servers. I am looking for a person with whom I can establish a long-term relationship in order to provide support and service. Weekly billing possible. I am looking for a person who has carried out similar tasks. Please also do not send clichéd replies.

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lgolebiewski 1 deal
  • cms
  • css
  • data analysis
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added on 2020-12-22
Programmers 4U 2 deals
  • android
  • coding
  • databases
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added on 2020-12-21
Rashmi Nandwana
  • android
  • api
  • backend
  • ... (+33)
added on 2020-12-18