I am looking for a person who will design a PCB (schematic + one copy) according to my guidelines

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    - Diagnosis of esklep in Google Search Console and Google Analytics. - Correction/repair of the settings made in GSC and GA. - Checking the correctness of settings and mutual integration also with Google Ads - Making the necessary changes to improve the visibility of the esklepu in the search engine.
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    Hello, looking for a person to make a bot/script/software - anything that will facilitate the purchase of ecogas in the PGG or Tauron store. I am only asking for offers from people who have already made something working on these sites or have a ready-made solution.
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    Marek Daniel 3 deals
    Help with Sitebulb data interpretation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person to help with SEO using Sitebulb tool.
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    kam 1 deal
    Making slides with exercises and content
    Proposed by freelancer
    The task is to make slides, divided into 6 parts of 3h each. The content and the resulting content of the slides should be (roughly) related to the European DigComp project, information about the project available at: https://joint-research-centre.ec.europa.eu/digcomp/digital-competence-framework_en It is necessary to make: - the slides themselves - for each slide content to be read - so that a total of about 2.5 hours of reading for each part comes out - give some exercises/demonstrations in each part to engage the audience
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    Paynow gateway integration with Shoper
    Proposed by freelancer
    Links to documentation: https://docs.paynow.pl/ https://developers.shoper.pl/ Please send me a quote and deadline.
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    KUNAGONE 4 deals
    We have hooked up the Stripe program to a site created on Shopify: airtender.co.uk Nevertheless, we need help with setting up payments in Stripe: - przelewy24 - blik (technical settings) - screenshots attached
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    The purpose of the order is to undo the error and restore the correct naming of products.
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    Yoast + Elementor - bug fix
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I would like to eliminate the error that Yoast introduces on a site based on Astra + Elementor. After adding the plugin, the Elementor interface loads all the time. Reportedly, some error in the database generates this plugin.
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    APA Group
    The objectives are: 1. Select technologies from those currently available and supported by Azure for deploying the architecture. 2. to develop, using the selected technology, scripts, tools that will enable the deployment of the entire current architecture in the new resource group in a simple way. 3.The tool is to perform a complete configuration with customizations for individual services, e.g. users in the databases, for their transfer to the connection strings. 4.On our side we provide complete documentation of the architecture, created in the Archi tool.
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    APA Group
    The subject of the order is a control, used to search and configure devices manufactured by APA (among others, Bus Controllers or RFID controllers) for use inside applications developed by the Ordering Party, hereinafter referred to as "APA Device Search". Communication with devices is carried out using the TIBBO protocol, which allows, among other things, to search for devices, retrieve parameters stored in TIBBO, record changes to these parameters in TIBBO
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Job description

I am looking for a person to design a PCB board. Ultimately the board will be a connector between the following components:

1. Raspberry Pi CM4

2. mPCIE SIM7600e (or similar)

3. connectors (description below)

G-Sensor (preferably on I2C bus) 5.


The board must be designed so that it can be placed in RS 195-1525 (https://docs.rs-online.com/3133/A700000006685444.pdf) aluminium case.

All kinds of fixings, power sockets, HDMI, sim cards etc. must be prepared so that the connectors can be led out of the enclosure.


1. hdmi output

2 Ethernet connector

3 Sim card socket

4th Power supply 9-36V + ACC with tolerance 9-36V

Input 6xGPIO (used only as INPUT, galvanically isolated, tolerance 9-36v)

Sockets for external GPS and GSM antennas

RS-232 connector 8.

8. 2 outputs 12V (1A)

9. 1 output 20V (0,5A)

10. 1x USB

4x Analog input (tolerance 0-36v) 12.

12. power LED (shows if there is voltage behind the converter)


ACC must be designed so that a short circuit to "plus" will start the device immediately, when ACC is disconnected CM4 should take over the power supply in such a way that it is CM4 that will turn off the inverter after a certain amount of time and proper shutdown. The simplest solution would be to use GPIO, but we are open to other suggestions.


Voltage is to appear on the outputs when the device is running.


The device will be a kind of extended GPS locator used mainly in municipal vehicles (garbage trucks), so the whole design must be able to work in summer as well as winter temperatures (from -25 to 45 degrees).


Most likely we will choose JLCPCB, if it is possible please choose components that this manufacturer can solder into the board.

Required functions:

Place or location: