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The aim of the project is to create an administrative system for the hospital. The system is supposed to enable

users simple records of hospital employees. Each employee has a name, surname and PESEL number

as well as username and password. The system includes the following types of users: doctor,

nurse, administrator.

The doctor, apart from the standard data of each user, also has a specialty (cardiologist

urologist, neurologist or laryngologist) and PWZ number. Doctors and nurses also have a list of theirs

24-hour on-call duty, assuming that one person may have a maximum of 10 on-call duty per month

and her on-call duty cannot take place day by day. Moreover, on a given day, there can be only one on-call duty

a doctor for a given specialization (e.g. a cardiologist, urologist and ENT specialist may be on duty on a given day, but not

two cardiologists).

After starting the system, it asks for the username and password. After logging in, in the case of

doctors and nurses, it is only possible to display a list of all doctors and nurses (Name,

Name, job + possible specialization) and the roster of the indicated person in a given month.

After logging in, the administrator can see all users on the list. It can also edit the data

each of them (together with the roster schedule) and add new users (including administrators)

to the system.

At the end of the program, the entire list of employees is serialized and saved to a file,

and at startup - read and deserialized.

The whole world of employees is to be modeled in a separate project (class library), and the panel

control - as a separate application (Console, Win Forms or WPF).

The project must follow the object-oriented programming paradigm, and it must

use inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction and polymorphism. Also, it must be resistant to

errors (both user and system errors, e.g. file missing).



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