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    We are looking for a person to help spin up a new site in terms of marketing in the Czech market. Please send me offers.
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    Mateusz 1 deal
    Hi! I am building a store based on Shopify which is currently measuring the US market and works on dropship. Products in the gaming/accessories category, interesting, fun, and above all useful and necessary. The target audience for these products is more than 21 million users worldwide. The community is very specific, with specific requirements and needs. The price shelf is the range up to $50 per product so they are accessible to a very large number of people. Requirements: I'm looking for someone who is familiar with the Shopify platform and can help me with SEO optimization, product descriptions, metadata, tags, pixels, advertising, and generally building a store design that will encourage purchases, be credible. Someone who can work in areas such as socialmedia advertising (campaigns on Insta, FB and TikTok), SEO and broadly understood optimization of online store performance. Current status: The store is up and running, there are first products, first graphics, but socialmedia profiles are empty and need to be built. There is a lack of factual product descriptions, tags, pixel configurations, general connection of socialmedia with the store.
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    Coco carbone
    Hello. I am looking for a person to process photos for social networks. Please ask for a quote.
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    YouTab 4 deals
    I am submitting a file with products within one category for example - phone cases. It contains various attributes like Brand/Model/Color and I am interested in optimizing the current titles for SEO. The current titles can be seen here;
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    VICTORIA 1 deal
    I will order to upload url list to Api for example in Python.
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    Nonamem 4 deals
    Hello, As in the subject, is it possible to change Google hints to the name of my company when typed into the search engine ? I would be happy to commission such work + additionally writing sponsored articles in Google and positioning my site . I ask for offers ONLY from companies that can help with changing hints in Search engine.
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    Good day, I am looking for a person who could properly implement a redirect from our old site available at: to the new one which will be on woocommerce. The store at this moment has a small number of products. We want not to lose position in google and that customers coming from the old links are redirected to the correct new links. Please let me know the completion time and cost.
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    DUX 3 deals
    Adding to NAP directories
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order to add a site to NAP directories.
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    STELO 35 deals
    STELO, is looking for a creative Graphic Designer or Graphic Artist from Warsaw and surrounding areas to create short video content for social media. You will be involved in the creative process from concept to completion. We expect you to be able to create animations on your own, edit interesting videos and work on video processing according to the latest trends. As a graphic designer with experience in animation creation and video processing, you will be responsible for: - Creating dynamic animations from static photos and graphics. - Editing short, engaging videos - Keeping up with the latest trends in TikTok and other video platforms. - Collaborating with the team to deliver content that is creative and fits the brand image. We expect that: - You have experience in animation creation and video processing. - You are creative and independent in generating ideas for interesting video content. - You have graphic design and editing skills. - You are familiar with trends in the area of animation and video on social media platforms. - You are able to approach your work responsibly. We are interested in permanent cooperation.
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    VICTORIA 1 deal
    I will order positioning of websites
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the positioning of websites. The scope of the order is the positioning of the indicated keywords. It is not the subject of the order to search for other phrases. Phrases are as specified and these are subject to action. Agencies thank you for cooperation. I do not want to make a previous mistake. Please submit an offer. Please do not ask what is the budget. I am only looking for a professional person who is able to achieve within 3-6 months the specified goal is TOP3 of the given phrases. It is not the subject of the order only the service of posing positioning. The goal is clearly defined. It is not the subject of the order to show the contractor's work tools or activities of competitors. These are things that I am aware of. My goal is clearly defined and I am looking for a person to work with who is able to engage in the work and select the correct methods to achieve the described goal.
🧓 UX/Prestashop/WordPress🤘
🧓 UX/Prestashop/WordPress🤘
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The subject of the order is a short audit/review of the Google search console account of a new WordPress-based website (several pages).

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