Fixes to the site made in php

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1000.00 PLN

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I want to order some modifications:

1) Modification on the website - the website includes a functionality consisting in the integration of the booking system with the company's website (example: Works fine on Firefox. But it doesn't work on Chrome and Edge. A conversion for these browsers is probably needed. In the appendix 'integration with www' screen with description.

2) Modifications on the website - 1) improving the styles for the mobile version (screen: 'screen mobile version'); 2) removing records from the list does not work (screen: 'removing cards does not work'); 3) expiration of the user's session works badly, does not log out, it works correctly for the corporate user (screen: 'expiration of tourist session'); 4) searching for all cards in the database does not work (screen: 'searching for cards')

Both sites are clones, made in php. After each modification, I need a list of the files that have been modified and on which line.

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added on 2021-06-04
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