Execution of two intermediate python programs.

Preferable skills:


Expected budget:

100.00 PLN

Published: Status: closed

Job description

The program must be run without using any libraries.

Project 1

The application is to compare two imported .txt files on a plane, for example the number of characters, text similarity (common words, etc.), comparing individual lines of text.

Design 2

You should prepare a multi-threaded application that performs one of the proposed topics. You should take into account the synchronization of threads and prepare such a method of parallelization that will allow obtaining optimal or close to optimal effects.

- sum of all numbers in the array (this cannot be done with the traditional, sequential method of adding successive elements to one variable),

parallel sum

- finding the minimum in an unordered set (set that is neither non-decreasing nor non-growing) [also cannot be sequential!],

- counting vowel signs (we exclude diacritics) in the text [also cannot be, sequential!].


I prefer online meetings and discuss the functions of individual programs, I also have partially written code.

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added on 2021-04-19