Editing of VLOGs on the YouTube travel channel + promotion of the editor in the description under the films

Expected budget:

100.00 PLN

Valid until:

Job description

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Please do not send offers that do not match the description below.


1. A person who has never edited VLOGS, only videos from games.

2. A person with very little experience and no vlog video to show as a portfolio.

3. A person who does not have equipment to work on the material 4k.

4. A person who wants material and will assemble a demonstration for me.

Let's respect our time. Thank you.

The topic concerns:

The travel channel on YouTube that already has 10,000+ subscribers and continues to grow.

What can I offer you:

- co-creating a channel on YouTube and learning how to do it.

- I assemble myself, so I can share my observations and suggest what can be improved (your skill grows).

- promoting you as an episode editor in the description + e.g. e-mail or IG account, or maybe you run a YT channel (1 link).

- at the moment, I can offer PLN 100 per episode (with the prospect of increasing the rate).

- consultations in running Social Media

Who do I need

The person who will edit the episodes and upload them to YouTube while I am on the road doing material. Episodes from 15-30 minutes. You need to know how YouTube works. I will try to provide descriptions, titles, tags. What's more, it's good if you can put the story together logically ... lead the viewer.

Moreover, you need to be on time. If, for example, 15 films come out in a month, I need to know that I can count on you. For your part, you have a guaranteed PLN 1,500 for installation. Don't be scared that you'll be editing 1 episode for hours - no. You only have to choose the most interesting passages and that's it. Make music in the right place and it went.

If you got here, it's nice. If you think that you meet the requirements, please contact me. Include a portfolio - your channel, etc.

Type and length:

Travel vlogs in Polish and sometimes English (sometimes) with a length of 10-30 minutes.

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Marcin Jania

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Added: on 2021-10-15

Event Strefa

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Added: on 2021-10-11

Sylwia Connect Media

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Added: on 2021-10-06

Norbert Cz

  • article
  • blog
  • copywriting
  • ... (+13)
Added: on 2021-10-05

Łukasz Szewczyk 79

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  • copywriting
  • english
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Added: on 2021-10-05


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  • promotional video
  • video
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Added: on 2021-10-04


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Added: on 2021-10-04


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  • lector
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Added: on 2021-10-04
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Added: on 2021-10-01


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Added: on 2021-09-30


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Added: on 2021-09-29

Sawicki Video and IT

  • promotional video
  • retouch
  • video
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Added: on 2021-09-29

Przemysław Taj

10 deals
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Added: on 2021-09-29

Damian Malczewski

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Added: on 2021-09-29