Downloading data from the site.

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Other IT services
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20.00 PLN

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Job description

I will order the downloading of data from the website

Required functions:

I will order the downloading of data from the website

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    I will order to check and correctly set up several company emails (gmail with its own domain).
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    MonikaMpire 1 deal
    Good morning! I need a person who could code HTML something like in the attachment. The idea is to prepare a template for such a mailing, with editable subtitles. The client would like to be able to send this from Outlook, so we need this mailing not to cough up when sent from this mail communicator. It is on our side to send you the materials in PSD, or in .ai - a matter of agreement. The deadline for implementation is quite urgent - preferably by the end of the week (18.09), with the possibility of extension to 20.09. Remuneration: to be negotiated. Monika
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    Bot for pgg
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will buy or commission the creation of a bot that will allow me to buy in the store pgg ecogas. I see several similar orders here, so the topic is most likely familiar
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    We are looking for permanent remote cooperation ( a few hours per mc) Management and security of the web server (dedicated server), management of mail and anti-spam filters, management of the web server, based on the Linux distribution with Plesk I request a price proposal for a package of fixed 4 hours per month (flat rate) and the amount for 1 man-hour (if needed) As well as experience information.
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    I will outsource the formatting of Excel files.
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    The charitable foundation receives various aid it provides to refugees from Ukraine. Accounting is done.  We provide assistance to people on the basis of forms, which they fill out in the traditional way and sign, and then we manually remove certain goods from the warehouse after release (wz - external release) The requests are many. Therefore, we want to do the following: 1. That it is an application of applications electronically. Our employee fills out the application on the computer, and the refugee signs on the tablet, and this signature is superimposed on the document, and in this way a signed document is created. Based on this operation, the inventory is automatically written off. Application forms are subject to change, because the list of products is always different. That is, you need a connection to the tablet (to make the signature and generate the document), the system (or another one that handles inventory - PZ / WZ). Example of the form: The document will be in two languages, Ukrainian and Polish. When we start using the Ukrainian language, all data is automatically duplicated from the Polish version.
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    Kamil P.
    I will commission a simple bot for purchasing on the PGG website
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    Paweł F
    I will commission a script for an automatic purchase process/ bot that adds the assortment of my choice to the shopping cart.
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    I will outsource the downloading of data from the website to Excel.
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    One-time order for the implementation of Shoper -> Przelewy24 integration