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    Bikeovo 6 deals
    Landing page
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the creation of a landingpage. Presentation of the offer with a contact form. Code to be embedded on the page. To use product and lifestyle photos from our database. Necessary protfolio for review.
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    The quote concerns a problem with the integration of a form created in Gravity Forms, which is being transferred to Bitrix24 using Zapier. The form involves entering contact information for individuals, which should be used to create a deal in Bitrix24. The form allows for a maximum of 10 individuals to be entered. The issue is that currently, when adding one person to the form, 10 deals are being created instead of just one. When two individuals are entered, two deals should be created (one deal per person), and so on. The problem lies in the fact that regardless of the number of individuals entered, 10 deals are always being created upon form submission.
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    I need to put up a simple website on wordpress( so that I can also complete and change the necessary information myself). It is to act as an online business card.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I'm looking for someone to put up a simple website for me, preferably on wordpress. It needs a few tabs: about me, gallery, contact etc; a simple minimalist layout. The site is to be used to sell prints and paintings, but at this stage I don't need the whole store, just the gallery and pricelist. I already have the domain, the text for the site and graphics I will provide.
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    Website maintenance
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for a person who will take care of the site. Simple "maintenance" work plugging in SSL, optimization for the browser, gentle improvement of the code so that it does not crash, publishing articles, making some sub-menu and categorization of products, optimization for seo, some simple adwords campaign, landing page for some simple promotions....
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    Automotive website on Wordpress , Refresh the appearance based on Elementor, check, possible optimization.
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    poradnik_kariery 6 deals
    Website refresh
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, we are looking for a creative person to take on redesigning our website to make it look neater and more professional. The site is built on wordpress and we have been doing a lot of changes there ourselves trying to add the elements we need, but the current look of the site does not satisfy us. The site is mainly used to present the offer of services. We also publish articles on it and sell e-books (woocommerce). We also have newsletter signups (mailerlite). We are looking for someone who has a sense of aesthetics and will have ideas on how to improve the site based on our suggestions, but will also suggest ideas of their own. We also changed the shade of green and added an additional purple color. What we care about: - The most chaotic for us is the offer tab, and it is the most important for us - to attract customers effectively and attractively. We would like each service to have its own subpage, where it would be: 1. this service is for you if 2. space for additional text (an incentive to use the service) 3. what the customer will gain 4. what the implementation looks like 5. feedback and more
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    WORKSOL 36 deals
    Good day I need to create a sub-page on which the customer will enter his data: first name, last name, type of service (choose from the list) or the value of the voucher. Then the system will automatically assign a voucher number, add + 90 days for its use from the date of issue. This will be paired with a payment system, e.g. blik, and after the checkout is credited, it will send the customer a voucher (gift certificate) for a massage via email :) currently website is on external service provider asysto.pl website address is www.azja-spa.pl
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    Tomasz Kotliński
    Please translate to Polish - WordPress Theme - WeddingDir Vendor Directory Listing & Marketplace and install on the server. I propose to do with WPML 4.6.3 The WordPress Multilingual Plugin + Addons, which I have. Small budget.
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    Michał Stachowiak 37 deals
    Hi, I am looking for a freelancer to make an elaborate landing page, according to the design from Figma. Below is an example: Design: https://www.figma.com/proto/aSUqVrMhjpdn8IjFaOc9Ne/%C5%81%C4%85kowa-Microhotels?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=1-2&scaling=scale-down Website: https://kisielin.microhotels.pl/ What will be on my side: - WordPress installation - delivery of Elementor PRO and plugin for interactive navigator, - graphic design in Figma designed to build on Elementor PRO, - optimization for SEO, - supplementing the site with text. What will be on your side: - Building the landing using Elementor PRO, - preparation of the mobile version, - installation of plugins from the submitted list (about 10) - optimization of the site using WP Rocket (I provide the plugin), - migration of the site from the test server to the target server, - contact form configuration, - adding animations of your choice in an aesthetically pleasing way. I care about very high accuracy and aesthetics. I have ready-made checklists to facilitate the implementation of the site. I am looking for a person for regular cooperation 2-3 orders per month. Request to send a portfolio.
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Web pages
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Preferable skills:
user experience design
web development
web site
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Job description

First stage

Prepare a set of guidelines to be used in the DIVI builder for the redesign of https://lumion.pl/, following the example of https://lumion.com/ and the attached pdf.

Specifically, this includes guidelines for the styles of sections, rows, images, buttons and other elements in the layouts seen on lumion.com, the use of distinctive graphics and image overlays present there, as well as the definition of header and text sizes, taking into account the dynamic changes in text height as the browser window shrinks.

The result of the assignment should be a subpage containing all the elements that can occur on the site, developed for PC, tablet and mobile platforms.

Dynamic color change of the entire page is not necessary.

Dynamic animation of appearing page elements is not necessary.

The second stage - the implementation of guidelines in the construction of the site, the implementation of subpages.

Required features

Compliance with the manufacturer's website www.lumion.com.

Preferable solution

The site runs on Wordpress and DIVI, we want DIVI to be implemented correctly on the site so that changes to the site work globally and elements look good on mobile devices as well. We do not need a proprietary design - we are a reseller and the site needs to be aligned with the manufacturer's site. We have the logo, fonts, color palette and key visuals.