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Enabling the form of distance learning divided into Thematic categories and subcategories of the video course selection.

The presenters are the participants of the training themselves who, before joining the channel, chose the categories

the day of the week and the time in which they want to participate in the trainings, the calendar must make sure that the participant does not win

the same free windows and training hours. A list of topics from the table of contents is selected and then free

hours. Ptaszek car must enable participation in the next meeting of this training periodically.

In the second stage, ticket sales are available on the same interface but with the trainers, where the training is also cyclical

after the table of contents but is activated only after deduction of all vacancies as sold similarly

as in the interface of an online store where the inventory is removed one by one. and the implementation takes place via

launching the training for a given day of the week or multiple days. Simple and uncomplicated UI. HTML5



Required functions:

Join as a presenter after checking the check box of a previously selected topic from the table of contents of the topics, what Discord allows in the form of a game as an application with support for an external affiliate program.

Template / individual design:

Discord colors interchangeable with VS Code, dark background so that it does not hit the eyes like a Gestap lamp :)

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