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    The Company has at least 8 employees. Has to offer at least 2 of the Following Services: Ergotherapie, Physiotherapie, Logopädie
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    scharmach 11 deals
    We are looking for freelancers who are interested in cooperation in acquiring new customers for the creation of online stores / e-commerce. Remote work. We are also interested in foreign clients. Salary of PLN 4,000 - 6,000 for an order with a net value of PLN 20,000.
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    Michał Stachowiak 23 deals
    I am looking for a person who will regularly create databases of contacts to decision makers in companies. This is mainly about companies in two specific industries mainly in Poland and other European countries. I have a ready scheme for searching such data. It is mainly about email addresses and accounts on LinkedIn. I prefer billing for the effect, such as finding 50 contacts. Regular work, it can be done, for example, once or twice a week. Experience in a similar assignment will be an asset, but is not necessary.
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    We will commission the creation of a database of potential companies that may be interested in placement on YouTube. Preferably from the industry of "general", "audiobooks", "internet", "games", "hardware", etc. (NOT VPN!) All you need is: Company name, business contact (email) It will be a plus if the company in question already had placement on Polish YouTube. Rate: 1 company = 1 PLN Expectations: 10 - 100 email addresses.
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    Amazon - product listing and integration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, As I want to expand my sales to Amazon, I am looking for someone to integrate my Polish store that I have on the IAI platform with baselinker through which products will be listed on amazon and also list them (EANs I have, account in baselinker also). German Amazon only. I would like it comprehensively that is, setting up and later permanent cooperation in listing. Please quote for adding 10 products.
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    Create databases with products on Amazon
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will order the preparation of a database in Polish with products for sale on the Amazon platform. The order concerns about 100 products. The task is multi-stage, in all stages I provide support. Experienced people are invited, however, a person without experience can be trained. Some of the stages are: 1. naming of products 2. product description - based on ready-made descriptions of the company, but adapting them to a specific product, changing or adding characteristics. 3. creating links to product images 4. assigning ean numbers according to the instructions. 5. filling in the file on the marketplace which will allow you to add products without errors. Please contact me if you are interested. More information in private message. With greetings
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    Strategike 8 deals
    Adding products to Amazon
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who has experience in listing products on Amazon with maximum product/category/description matching to maximize impact. Knowledge of keyword analysis tools required. Work will be English language based. Products to be introduced in this language as well. In response to the ad, please send links to the products to be introduced.
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    I will outsource the creation of an interactive price list template in Excel, which, when generated to PDF, will be ready to be sent to the client (so also preparation in terms of visuals) Functionalities: - drop-down menu of products (product ABC) - packaging type of product ABC - 4 product categories - fresh/frozen product (not all packaging types are available for fresh and frozen product) - currency EUR/PLN/GBP - automatic price calculation based on the base price of the product + margin + packaging price - automatic price conversion in GBP and EUR on the basis of the base price in PLN - possibility to generate the whole list/price list as well as several/several selected products - optional possibility of product images (so that it generates in PDF) examples: Wants to send customer #1 a quote for ABC products in ABC packaging configuration with prices in EUR, using the same file wants to be able to quickly generate a quote for customer #2 BC product in C packaging configuration in GBP. Product A in the base version costs 20PLN, in packaging A + 2PLN, B+1PLN etc. Attached is a list of products (partial) which is at the moment) and I will send graphic materials for insertion (logo and background, font) If you have any questions, please contact me.
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Job category:
Data processing
Expected budget:

400.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
dodawanie produktów
virtual office
Valid until:

Job description

We are looking for someone with knowledge of German (at least B2) who will help us find contact with companies from a specific industry in Germany.

We will need:

- name and surname of the person responsible for recruitment / HR

- recruitment email (either to this person or a general recruitment address, e.g.

- www address where the email was found

Importantly - the email cannot be from any tool or database but must be found on the company's website

Place or location:

The job in figures:

The database is to contain 400 unique records with an email address, first and last name and company name.