Cutting 20 second video snippets for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok reels

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Job category:
Expected budget:

5000.00 PLN

Valid until:

Job description

The purpose of the order is to reuse materials from Youtube.

Step 1

Watching interesting Youtube videos on motivation, business, development, training, etc.

Step 2

Cutting about 20 seconds of material for reels on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram


FoxGym - Virtual trainer using AI to process IoT sensor data during workouts

Type and length:

Base rate: 1,000 cut and extracted fragments x 5 PLN each = 5,000 PLN. In an hour you can easily make 6-10 such cutouts, which gives 8 hours a day x 10 = 80 reels, so the task can be done in 12 days

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    miloszwagnerpl 2 deals
    Clip / music video / video: I will commission the creation to the first song from the top from this page: It's cool if someone has a concept for a cool VIDEO. As you can see the music is already there. I am looking for someone creative for permanent cooperation, but also not necessarily. Can be any person who is fast, efficient and creative and willing to create just one material and not necessarily a hundred or two hundred.
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    gmi 10 deals
    We are looking for a person to create 3 video advertising creations for us under Tiktok. We are building a mobile application for professional drivers in Poland. Our profile on Tiktok: Attached is a sample view from the app, of course we can provide more of them. We would like to start working on the video in the coming days.
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    VideoCreative 2 deals
    Wedding video montage.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! I am looking for editors to edit short wedding films. You don't have to narrate the video. You don't need to color grade the film. Experience in wedding reporting is desirable. More details for those interested
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    YouTube Editor
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    Looking for a freelancer to edit youtube videos. About 6-8 videos per month. Beauty industry. Editing style: mainly cuts, subtitles, light animation, dynamic i.e. no breaks between statements. AE basics or Film Impact plugin in Premiere are welcome. Please send portfolio with works. Greetings, Future Videos
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    I need someone to make me a short video/animation - whatever, promoting a computer service and its services. It doesn't have to be anything complicated. The video is to be used as an advertisement on youtube for sponsored links, promoting a local business.
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    Cosmo Foto Studio
    Video/course editing
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    I will commission the editing of a film in the type of how to , the length of the film about 1h , shots from 2 cameras material about 3 - 4h Sound / voice matching.
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    Hi, I need someone to make me a quick video of 3 videos combine + pictures. Add the music he wants. I know I could probably do it myself in 20 min, but I'd prefer someone to do it cool. Quick work
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    Youtube content editing
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    I run a channel on YT. I am looking for a person who would like to edit videos for me.
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    I am looking for a person who from longer materials on YT ( on average 10-15 min) will be able to select (with my help) the most interesting moments and edit from them interesting and engaging shorts. Depending on the episode on YT and the topic, it could be 1 short, or maybe 5. Knowledge of the IT industry (computer networks, data center, security, cloud) is required so that the editor will be able to choose an interesting short himself, determine the title, etc. In addition, of course, I expect experience in editing short formats, preparing and applying subtitles, possibly graphics and b-roll. Possible long-term cooperation. Also for editing materials for YT, or online courses, but we will start with shorts. Requesting a quote for 10 shorts. Also check the topics of my materials on YT before submitting, if it is something for you. You can find the channel by typing my name in YouTube. Greetings, Marcel Guzenda
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    TWOJE.STUDIO - grupa
    I have a wedding to edit, the houses of the bride and groom, the church, a two-day party. The whole shot on 2 and sometimes 3 cameras and shots from a drone, some of the sequences need synchronization. All materials and music downloadable from the server. Budget 500 zł, possible permanent cooperation if the performer proves to be good, honest, and conscientious.