Creation of thematic articles + publication in WordPress

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Expected budget:

1500.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
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Job description

I am looking for a copywriter to cooperate in running a shopping blog (topics related to shopping: things for the home, fashion, beauty, and other articles are shopping guides).

The contractor should write 63 articles for about 4000-5000 characters within 30-40 days. The salary is PLN 1,500 net.

The subject of the content and the action plan are selected by the contractor. The easiest way is to choose a single topic at the beginning in which we feel strong and raise threads in it, which can be developed in subsequent articles by internally linking the content. Example:

Sample topic of the starting article: What smartphone to buy?

In the content of this article, we can address such issues as:

- what smartphone up to PLN 500

- what smartphone up to PLN 1000

- etc.

- how to unlock the phone

- how to connect the phone to the TV

- how to track a lost phone

Then we create separate, wider articles on the above topics and then link them to each other.

For each article, you should add a main (highlight) photo + 2 additional photos in the middle of the text and complete the alt attribute (alternative text) with keywords related to the topic of the article. All photos must also have the source of the photo entered in the place for the label / caption in the format: photo (if the photo is downloaded, e.g. from the free database).

You should also take care of the text formatting:

- lead bold with the <strong> tag

- subheadings in headings h2, h3, h4

- bolding important phrases in the text

- listings (if present in the article)

The purpose of creating these articles is to make them rank high on Google and build organic traffic from the search engine. Therefore, the topics of articles must be selected in accordance with what people enter in the search engine. As the client, I provide the Polish tool so that you can choose keywords for the topics of the texts.

Number of characters:

1 article = 4000-5000 characters

Type and number of texts:

63 thematic articles written in accordance with SEO principles

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