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Good morning,

I need a person who will build or rebuild the database to be GDPR compliant.

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the jet database associated with the site

- database sample: names of collected records

The structure of the base is attached. There is no data there, but all the tables and their fields are in the database. Hope that's what it was about.

- What are the consents collected

The only consent is the consent to the newsletter - if the application comes from the website:

But some users are entered manually into the system and they do not select this consent.

-Number of records with marketing consents to be contacted by phone

We do not collect such consent, so there are no such records.

- Number of records in total in the database and from the last 2 years

The database contains 193,064. In the last two years, 36,402.

But beware - not all tables have an additional timestamp + some records are deleted (e.g. proposal modification, payment removal).

Where we do not have a date for adding, but for example, there is a date for starting and ending classes, I assessed the number of added records using such fields. On the other hand, because participation or payments are changed / removed, for sure by these several / a dozen or so% more operations were actually performed.

- Number of visits during the year to the website (website

we have about 80,000 visits per year

- CMS we use

This is a proprietary solution.

- who is your competition?

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