Converting and adapting a ready-made website template.

Preferable skills:

web development
web site

Expected budget:

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Published: Status: open

Job description

Modification and adaptation of the finished website template with similar functionalities to this one

It is a budget version, without any special fountains, but the website functionality should be kept.

It is best in WordPress, and the CMS itself is easy and transparent to edit and change later in order to add new functionalities or develop the website.

The website must be multilingual, with the main content in English, but translated into other languages ​​using a translation machine.

Required functions:

The functionality of the site is dedicated to two partners, where one partner invites the other party to participate. One partner registers, provides the required data and gives the email of the other person whom I want to invite to cooperate. After approval by the other partner, both parties will have access to all functionalities. There, the partners place all the bills, receipts with a description of these bills, so that the other party knows what they refer to. Each account has the functionality of making transfers or another form of covering the amount from that account. Additionally: Checking expenses done weekly, monthly, annually or the required period. Checking the settlement of bills that have been made available. List of billing settlements made, weekly, monthly, annually or for the required period. Additionally, information; such as health, school, parties, birthdays, holidays (holidays), care, messages and requests to the second page, etc. Obtaining reports on all these functionalities to be in pdf or printable immediately. Notification by email of the other party as soon as changes are made, or a new invoice is added, a receipt or payment for these bills etc. Of course, access to the site is divided into three groups: free with limitations, for a small fee access to several functions and premium access to all functions.

Template / individual design:

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web_Head 1 deal
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Ojaswini Acharya
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  • GULP
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