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We have a dedicated "university search page" on our website which we have prepared for students who want to study in Poland.

You will write detailed information about each university on that page.

Note: Polish language will be necessary to research universities on Polish-language sources.


  • The fee is determined as $10 for each article.
  • It is necessary to prepare 2 articles per week.
  • Within the project's scope, it aims to write between 200 and 400 articles in total.
  • Payments will be made weekly.

Sample Article:

1 article should be prepared under the conditions below and should be checked first. You will be paid $10 for the article you have prepared, and if your article is approved, agreements will be made for other articles continuously.


- In articles written about the university, attention should be paid to SEO compliance.

- Each of the articles should be between 800-1000 words

- Universities' own websites can be used to write articles.

- Also, other articles written on the subject on google should be checked.

- DEFINITELY copy-paste information cannot be accepted.

- Articles must be written in a legible and fluent language. The article should not be written in a heavy language (average B2 level of English)

- It is necessary to include links to the sources used while writing the article.

- Pay attention to punctuation marks.

Every university article that needs to be written has 4 main headings and articles should be prepared by considering these points.

Type and number of texts:

Titles: 1. Introduction: It should be an average of 100 words as a preface about the university. 2. About the University: It is the area where the article reader can get detailed information about the university and should have an average of 300 words. 3. Facilities Offered by the University: Every university has various opportunities such as Erasmus, sports activities, scholarship opportunities, career department. 4. Departments, Fees, Application Dates: The education departments offered at each university, the fees and application dates of these departments vary. Therefore, it is necessary to give as much detail as possible on these issues. In addition, the departments, fees, and application dates offered by the university for which the article was prepared should be tabulated (see the example in the attachment).In the university search page, which we have prepared for students who want to study in Poland, detailed information should be written about each university.

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