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    Paweł Kopciński 13 deals
    I will order the preparation of a PowerPoint presentation from scratch from a ready-made project made in Adobe XD.
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    Tools for the above mentioned activities: 1. 2. 3. 4. I am always able to prepare a page on myself. All I need is a connection to the rest of the listed tools. Everything on demo accounts, preferably to make a pre-sale of services or products for which the whole "harvester" will be used. In general, the idea is to demonstrate to a potential customer the possibility of "inserting" his actions in the business in a cycle of automated activities that will also allow him to further scale his business. I am looking for someone who in a simple and easy way to prepare, on the basis of the above tools, a description of such a service that I will later use in meetings with representatives of companies and enterprises.
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    Personomics 1 deal
    I'm looking for someone to upload to PrestaShop: - 23 products with images and descriptions - entering all SEO tags (including title, description, image alt, etc.) The above will be provided in excel + images in a ZIP package. Also to be configured will be: - VAT rates - categories - attributes
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    Fundusze UE
    EU Funds Specialist
    1300.00 PLN
    1. contacting clients from the company in order to prepare application documentation. 2. applying for EU Funds. 3. accounting for EU funds. 4. supporting the Company in its daily operations. Requirements: Experience in applying for or accounting for EU Funds Knowledge of Word and Excel at the level of daily operations Willingness to learn Meticulousness, perseverance, accuracy, attentiveness, punctuality References from previous places of employment are welcome Knowledge of financial and legal aspects of business operations - welcome
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Office works
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Job description


WHEN: right now

TOPICS: concierge

EXPERIENCE: possible lack

The perfect assistant:

  • it is discreet and keeps the details of our cooperation to itself;
  • can create something out of nothing;
  • values ​​such values ​​as reliability and credibility, cheerfulness, development;
  • no stick in a;
  • is not fixed on the point of professionalism and hard working hours;
  • learns quickly;
  • records his working time in the tool;
  • billed hourly without fancy packages, bonuses, etc;
  • can communicate in English, e.g. for the needs of arranging a hotel

What will we use in cooperation:

  • Google Calendar;
  • Telephone;
  • E-mail;
  • Slack;
  • Nozbe / Trello / Clickup / Whatever

What do I need support for?

  • general understanding of the universe;
  • searching the internet;
  • keeping records of various things;
  • various ... "please do it for me"

Examples of "please do it for me":

  • ordering a shipment to a parcel locker;
  • writing someone a polite e-mail;
  • finding information on;
  • handling the return / complaint;
  • ordering cleaning / repair / etc.
  • I intend to participate in the X event in country Y - budget, hotels, flights, attractions, meetings, etc.

A request for a quote for a month of work with the declared number of hours.

The job in figures:

10 hours of work

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